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Ex-FBI official worried Trump exposed secrets: “Every competent” spy agency targeted Mar-a-Lago

According to the former deputy Assistant Director of the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division, a myriad of foreign intelligence services were, and still are, focused on getting access to Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort which makes the shocking revelation that he kept top secret documents there even more disturbing.

Speaking with MSNBC host Katie Phang, ex-FBI agent Peter Strzok said the Florida resort was a hotbed of intrigue.

“Do you agree that it is a possibility that the Russians, especially with that very tight cozy connection that the Russians have had through [Vladimir] Putin with Donald Trump, that they would have been interested and possibly tried to infiltrate Mar-a-Lago to get to some of that data? ” host Phang asked.

“Katie, absolutely the Russians but not just the Russians,” the former FBI official replied.

“Any competent foreign intelligence service, whether those belonging to China, those belonging to Iran, Cuba, certainly including Russia are all interested and are interested in gaining access to Mar-a-Lago,” he continued. “Which, especially considering the information coming out right now about the absolute lack of any control or memorialization of who gets access to Mar-a-Lago at any given time, particularly in the context of the fact it appears the classified documents were strewn all over the facility and not just in the storage room.”

“Classified documents were recovered from his office, from the pine hall, from a multitude of places,” he elaborated. “So, if you are a foreign intelligence service, yes, of course regardless of the knowledge of classified documents being there, the intelligence services are going to have been trying to gain access.”

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