Eyedress picks his Top 10 Songs of 2023

With 2023 coming to a close, we’ve been asking artists to tell us about their favorite music of the year and here’s LA-based singer-songwriter & producer Eyedress who has been making music for years (and is currently clocking almost 16 million monthly Spotify listeners), but was even more on our radar this year thanks to multiple collaborations with Mac DeMarco and a year-starting remix by Kevin Shields of My Blood Valentine. His list of 10 songs — complete with commentary — includes Mac, as well as a MIKE track off one of our own favorite albums of 2023. Read the whole thing below…

10.    yung kazi – ew

kazi is a true artist and one of the most talented not only does he make music but also can make really insane claymation music videos and works of art the synths on this song are super 80’s in the best ways possible and his singing and melodies on the song are incredibly catchy one of my favorite songs this year makes me wanna dance like a madman like no one’s looking kazi is definitely one to keep an eye on his music and everything he releases just keeps getting better every time    

 9.    mike – should be! ft lila ramani

one of the most beautiful songs to drop this year definitely get lost listening to this song on long drives lila’s singing is really calming and compliment mike’s beat really well i also love the looping vocal sample reminds me of old fly lo when he’d collaborate with indie singers not to compare it though mike is definitely in his own lane and this was a standout beautiful piece of work on the record     

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8.    juggler – gave you my all

catchy shoegaze number the vocal melody is so catchy yet so simple and the simplicity of the music all really compliment each other in a chill slacker type of way definitely loved listening to this song on long drives with my family     

7.    ariel pink – i wanna be a girl

not a fan of his politics or politics in general i find it divisive but i sure love a good ariel pink song and this definitely has been a new favorite of mine ariel is in his own world definitely a new classic from the lord of edge lords   

6.    mac demarco – simply paradise

mac’s singing on this song is so good he’s really hitting them high notes and sounding real sexy definitely one of my new favorites by him and ryan paris and him both sound really cool going back and forth about a girl it’s a new mac classic for me     

5.    na-kel smith – white lotus

nak’s production keeps getting better ever since he dropped his first project skullface bonehead he officially stamped his style into this world and on his new album he’s mastered it even more white lotus is a hard ass song beat lyrics everything not just saying that cuz he’s the homie but he really in his own lane and this song is the standout track for me on his 2023 album standalone stuntman     

4.    luh tyler – first show

these the type of chords and synth sounds i usually gravitate towards when i make my own music so anything that makes me feel nostalgic like this beat makes me fall in love with it on a deeper level and luh tyler barring out on the track made it even better he’s been killing it since he came out definitely listened to this song a lot this year     

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3.    cowgirl clue – trustfall

love the guitar riff so much and her vocals sound perfect definitely a unique and futuristic 90’s sound on this song and couldn’t stop listening to it all year     

2.    young nudy – brussel sprout

i love how calm and smooth he’s flowing on this song and the beat is mad video gamey i love beats like this the chords are so beautiful played this a unhealthy amount of times in the car this year thank you young nudy

  1. enjoy – hard lesson

great message and beautiful guitars and super hard fast punk drumming and the sickest bass line especially during the break in the song so fucking catchy 

Eyedress‘ latest single — released in mid-December — is his second collaboration with The Marias. Check it out along with more below:

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