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EA FC fans are in revolt following an error that saw players receive some of the best players in the game, shortly before it was patched.

As part of EA FC’s Weekend League, players compete for special versions of certain players. This week, it’s the Ligue 1 Team of the Season, featuring a special version of Kylian Mbappe, widely regarded as the best player in the game.

Players who completed the Weekend League early on Friday noticed that this week’s rewards were far better than they traditionally are.

While EA never releases the odds of receiving certain players in Weekend League player picks, players noticed that top-tier players, such as Mbappe and Dembele, were appearing frequently.

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This led streamers to spread this news, and many players to speed through the remaining games in order to access the improved rewards. Following this, the EA Sports FC Direct Communications X account posted the following:

“We have identified an issue where the Champions Player Pick rewards were providing unintended results. This has been corrected in-game,”

A highly rated community note under the post reads: “There may have been a probability issue, but there is no evidence of “unintended rewards” being given out. Mbappe and Dembele are part of Ligue 1 TOTS, so they fit the reward description. EA lowered their chance because it will force players to open packs with real currency.”

Reaction on social media has been similarly angry, with most of the EA FC Reddit’s top posts this weekend referencing the issue.

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“EA JUST PATCHED FUT CHAMPS PICKS (F*** THIS COMPANY),” reads one of the top posts.

“This company simply can’t do things right, with issues week after week just piling up with no repercussions. The servers are shit, with inconsistent gameplay across different game modes, and lag compensation to players with bad internet, when it should actually be the other way round,” reads another.

VGC has reached out to EA for comment on this story.


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