FINAL FANTASY XIV Dawntrail Expansion Information Released

During last weekend’s FINAL FANTASY XIV Fan Festival 2024, the team at Square Enix released new details around their upcoming Dawntrail expansion.

As part of this update, the new Pictomancer Job will be added to the game. They work in the medium of mixed aether, and are able to wield a specialized brush that transforms imagination to reality. Said creations include creatures, landscapes, and weapons. There are also instant-case spells available for those who need something right away.

Also coming as part of this update is the new Playable Female Hrothgar Race. – Hailing from Ilsabard, they are a Turali people with shared ancestry with the Xbr’aal. Calling Yak T’el home, females number relatively few among the population. They can be identified by their lithe, muscular forms, along with their predisposition for leadership.

A new area will also be added to Final Fantasy XIV with the inclusion of Solution Nine. This city features towering facades that have been constructed by an entirely different civilization than the one of Tuliyollal.

See it for yourself with the trailer below:


Also coming to Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail is the New Area Heritage Found. This region is overflowing with lightning energies, where thick thunderclouds blot out the sun and streaks of purple levin illuminate the land.

A new Raid Series known as The Arcadion will be included, along with a new Ultimate Raid known as Futures Rewritten (Ultimate). New dungeons will also make their appearance; learn more with the trailer below:

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