Final Fantasy XVI The Rising Tide DLC Launching April 18


Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XVI will receive its final DLC chapter The Rising Tide on April 18.

The Rising Tide kicks off with an unmarked letter making its way to the hideaway. In it, players will come to learn that the Dominant of Leviathan, the long-lost Eikon of Water, needs rescue. Heeding this call, Clive and his companions set off for the hidden land of Mysidia as they uncover the history of a forgotten people.

This update will raise Final Fantasy XVI’s level cap to level 60 in Story Focused Mode and Action Focused Mode, and level 110 in Final Fantasy Mode (also known as New Game+). Clive will also obtain new Eikonic Abilities of Leviathan the Lost.

Note that The Rising Tide will also feature a confrontation between Clive and the legendary Eikon Leviathan.

Learn more with the trailer below:

Final Fantasy XVI – The Rising Tide DLC Trailer | PS5 Games

The Rising Tide DLC is available individually or in the discounted Expansion Pass that is available on the PlayStation Store.

Those that purchase The Rising Tide or the Expansion Pass will receive the following special bonus items:

  • A reimagined version of the “Curtana,” the signature weapon used by the Warrior of Light in Final Fantasy XIV
  • “Torn from the Heavens” and “Through the Maelstrom” Orchestrion Rolls, to be played as background music in the hideaway

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