Find out who you are: Ancestry DNA test kits are more than half off for Black Friday 2023

Sometimes, we’re just curious, while other times there’s a nagging desire to know more about our own story. Understanding our family’s history with a cost-effective DNA test can connect us with our family tree, giving better understanding into ourselves and families. An ancestry test like Amazon best seller Ancestry DNA+ can help us understand our own genealogy in more depth, get to know our parents’ history and even discover ethnicity and family connections we didn’t know we had. 

Now, Ancestry DNA+ is on sale at Amazon, an extended Black Friday deal that saves you over 50% on getting started down the path of better understanding who you really are. Keep reading for more on Amazon’s terrific Ancestry DNA+ sale and how a DNA test really works.

AncestryDNA + Traits Genetic Test Kit: Save $70



Ancestry DNA is having its biggest sale of the year, both at Amazon and at the site. The Ancestry DNA+ Traits testing kit helps you better understand your genealogy, giving insight into your generations-deep family tree through the “world’s largest” collection of online family history records according to the site.

Ancestry DNA+ Traits helps you discover 40+ genetic traits, allowing you to explore your history to inform a better understanding of your traits and preferences. 

Normally $119, the Ancestry DNA + Traits genetic test kit is on sale for Black Friday 2023 for $49.

How Ancestry DNA works:

  • Activate your DNA kit online, return a saliva ample in the prepaid package to Ancestry’s state-of-the-art lab.
  • Results will be made available online in six to eight weeks.
  • Results will include a precise ethnicity estimate, matching by paternal side. (some features require an Ancestry membership).

More Black Friday 2023 DNA test deals you can still shop

Ancestry isn’t the only DNA test that’s on sale for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Check out these other Black Friday testing deals for you and your pet below, while they last.

How Does Ancestry DNA protect your privacy?

Ancestry takes your privacy seriously by using industry standard security practices to store DNA samples, results and any personal data provided to Ancestry. DNA test results and samples are stored without names or identifying information. Furthermore, you own your own DNA data and can choose to download your DNA data or have it deleted upon request. Check out the Ancestry Privacy Statement for more info.

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