Finnish mobile studio Boom Corp nets $1.8 million to create social games

Finnish mobile studio Boom Corp has raised $1.8 million to create games that champion player communities, social gameplay, and self expression.

As reported by VentureBeat, the eight-person studio is based in Tampere, Finland, and was formed in March last year.

Boom Corp’s four founders have preciously worked on titles including Angry Birds and Badland, and together with the dev team have already managed to launch the company’s debut title, Boom Slingers — a jazzy turn-based action game built around 1v1 physics-based battles.

Studio chief exec and co-founder Minna Eloranta said Boom Corp will use its latest cash inject to continue creating games for “future generations who are inherently social.”

“We believe that mobile is the most accessible platform to bring different kinds of people to play games together,” they explained. “To achieve this we are creating a workplace that nurtures creativity and supports people from diverse backgrounds to make the best possible games.”

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