Fire Country Season 1 Episode 22 Spoilers: A Mudslide Buries Edge Water As Bode’s Parole Hangs on the Balance!

We’re not ready for the Fire Country Season 1 finale, despite wanting to watch it desperately.

The anticipated ending was Bode’s parole hearing and the board’s verdict.

Nobody thought the hearing might be in jeopardy, so it was throwing when Manny discovered that Bode tested positive for drugs on Fire Country Season 1 Episode 21.

Not using drugs is one of the prerequisites of being eligible for parole, especially if you are a known addict. It is also mandatory to stay at Edge Water, and breaking that rule is grounds enough for disqualification from the program.

Spoilers for Fire Country Season 1 Episode 22 tease a grand emergency as a massive mudslide covers Edge Water putting citizens, firefighters, and the fauna at risk.

Running Crew - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 22

The final scene from “Backfire” was Manny showing the drug test results to flabbergasted Bode, who thought he was about to get a mouthful for spending the night outside the camp with his captain’s daughter.

He would have preferred that to being accused of using again.

Manny gives him an earful about how disappointed he is in this episode.

It would be a fair assumption that Bode puts up his defense and shows Manny that there was no way he could have tested positive for drugs when he’d been clean the whole time.

Gabriela and Bode - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 22

Sleeper is the main suspect in this, and he must have found a way to contaminate Bode’s urine sample. The task will be proving that this was the case.

There are a few ways to prove that Bode is innocent, including interviewing other inmates in case someone decides to fess up or simply do another test.

Despite realizing he might not get out, Freddy kept a positive outlook. Where many people who be devastated beyond measure, he handled it gracefully.

He had hoped to give his girlfriend the good news when she came to see him, but there was more than one thing to be happy about. He was also looking to propose to her.

Freddy and Bode - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 22

While that might still be the plan, the emergency will seek to ruin said plan.

Right after Bode and Freddy rescued a family during the winery fire, the rain started falling. It was a welcome development as it’d help put out the remaining fires organically without risking the lives of the firefighters.

As Gabriela ran towards Bode, the rain still fell, making for a dramatic scene. Even as they made love, it was still raining.

When Bode returns to the camp and finds an angry Manny, the rain still falls.

Sharon - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 22

Do you see where this is going? Too much of everything is poisonous.

Edge Water is a mountainous region, and that much rain would make it unstable.

This gives birth to the emergency where the hills come crashing down as mud.

Mudslides are dangerous. It happens so quickly there is no time to react.

When it catches up with someone, they are more or less buried alive, making efforts to free oneself futile, and, in some cases, such efforts are dangerous as they can dig someone deeper into it.

Bode and Gabriela - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 22

It becomes a race against time as Three Rock and Station 42 members try to save those buried in it. Every passing minute is crucial as the victims are crushed between mud and other debris, making it impossible to move or breathe.

The situation is also dangerous, as the rescuers can become victims if they don’t tread carefully.

One of the first people to see the mountain come down is Freddy’s girlfriend, Cookie. This means she might be among the many people buried in the mud.

This will be particularly hard for Freddy, who was looking forward to a wedding but might be planning for a funeral.

Vince Leone - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 22

He remains adamant about staying until he finds Cookie, and Bode comes through like a brother offering moral and physical support. He promises not to leave Freddy until Cookie is found.

It would also appear that Manny believes Bode or gives him the benefit of the doubt because Bode is among the inmates helping out in the rescue.

The episode’s event is the parole hearing.

The fact that he gets the hearing means he is cleared of the drug accusation.

Bode Donovan - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 22

This hearing will be the moment to speak out from his heart. It will be the moment to show how much he’d grown because of the program and how he plans to keep himself out of trouble if granted parole.

Will he be granted parole?

Your guess is as good as mine, but all signs point to the affirmative being the outcome.

Bode has grown a lot in the period he has been at Three Rock. From the scared guy who preferred serving the rest of his sentence instead of returning to his hometown to a fierce leader and a firefighter.

Cara and Jake - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 22

The journey has not been without challenges, and the fact that he overcame all of them should be evidence enough that he is ready for the world outside.

He had a great statement prepared and was even coached by Manny, who had been through the same thing before.

Everybody shows up on Bode’s special day to offer their support, from Eve and Jake to Bode’s ex-girlfriend Cara.

But at the front lines are Vince and Sharon, ready to welcome their son home.

Are you excited or scared? Because I can’t make up my mind.

Catch the episode this Friday at 9 pm ET on CBS, stream later on Paramount+, and our review will be right here.

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