From Dance Teams To Business Partners, How Sisterhood Has Shaped The Course Of My Life

Through the years, I’ve learned that sisterhood is the bond formed between women through our intuition, emotion, experiences, and acceptance. It’s taught me many things, like how to show up for people. And because sisterhood is a reciprocal experience made stronger by each committed individual, you learn to show up for people the way they need you. It was there in my home, as I was becoming a woman, and it exists now as a part of my shared vision with Jessica to reclaim the collective economic power of women of color and create a circular economy in industries we drive. It’s not just sorority life or our familial relationships or friendships — we choose these women, our sisters, to be constant figures in our lives, and they, in turn, give us the opportunity to be known intimately and loved. My chosen sisters exist in every phase of life, reminding me who I was, who I am, and who I plan to become.

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