Funny video of Marty the robot escaping from a store has people in stitches

A viral and hilarious video, titled ‘Marty the robot escapes from a grocery store’, left many people on the internet in stitches.

Customers at Giant stores are familiar with Marty the robot, tall robots with big eyes who assist with cleaning tasks and spotting out-of-stock items.

But one Marty decided to leave his duties in the middle of the day after he was seen strolling in the parking lot by shoppers.

The viral video sparked thousands of reactions from social media users. Let’s have a look at the video that left so many people captivated.

Photo by David L. Ryan/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

WATCH: Marty the robot escapes a grocery store

Shoppers at Pennsylvania Giant store came face-to-face with a hilarious and bizarre situation after Marty the robot decided to leave his job early.

In the trending video, filmed by Rebecca Prendergast, Marty is seen strolling in the Lehigh Valley’s car park after breaking free from the grocery store.

“Marty escaped from the Hellertown Giant and almost made it to freedom before he was wrangled back to his grocery prison,” the video’s caption on Facebook reads.

The video was shared by the Facebook group Lehigh With Love and amassed millions of views across different social media channels after users reposted it.

You can watch Marty’s big escape down below:

Video leaves fans in stitches

The viral video left many people on the internet in stitches.

Under the YouTube video above, one joked: “You know the work environment is horrible when even a robot that is designed to only work gets tired of it.”

Another said: “Marty is all of us who want to walk out of our jobs… he just had the courage to do it!!”

A third user added: “As a Marty, I can assure you this doesn’t just happen to robots.”

A fourth one joked: “Every retail employee in the world knows how Marty feels!”

Meanwhile, George Stockburger of ABC27 News reported that a Giant spokesperson said Marty “was just on a fresh air break”.

Marty’s escape was short-lived

While Marty’s big escape left many people in stitches and inspired others, his desire to freedom was very short-lived.

Moments after strolling in the carpark, an employee came out to remind Marty of his duties and returned him back to the grocery store.

Similar to Marty, other robots like him were rolled out at Giant grocery stores as part of a nationwide program which started in 2018.

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