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Animal Crossing’s huge soundtrack box set has released in Japan, and we’ve captured a small gallery of photographs showing the set up close.

The Japan-only Animal Crossing New Horizons Soundtrack: Limited Edition consists of 7 CDs, comprising two separate releases.

The first is the main 4-disc soundtrack, which consists of all the background music that plays during the game. This includes all the hourly music changes, including the different arrangements when the weather is sunny, rainy or snowy, as well as all the other music that plays during special events or in certain locations like the shop, the museum or the town hall.

The second is a 3-disc soundtrack called the Totakeke Instrumental Music Collection. This contains instrumental versions of all 95 of KK Slider’s songs from the game, meaning his odd singing has been removed.

Both the 4-disc soundtrack and the 3-disc KK Slider collection are available to buy separately, but the limited edition also includes a large box to keep both collections in, a special earphone case with KK Slider’s face on it and an art book that contains all the record sleeve artwork for the KK Slider songs (which can be seen in the game in tiny resolution).

All three versions are available for order on the Japanese My Nintendo Store, but the limited edition, which costs ¥11,000 (around $100), has already sold out.

The soundtrack coincides with the 20th anniversary of Animal Crossing.

The first Animal Crossing game, Dōbutsu no Mori (Animal Forest), was released on the Nintendo 64 in Japan on April 14, 2001. It wouldn’t come to the west until the enhanced GameCube update was released in North America on September 16, 2002.

It would take another two years for the game to come to Europe, finally releasing on September 24, 2004.

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