Gary Owen’s Wife Asked for $44,000 per Month in Spousal Support — Here’s How He Responded

In 1997, Gary Owen made his debut on network television when he was featured on BET’s comedy stand-up series, Comic View. Since then, he’s built a lucrative career starring in films like Steve Harvey’s Think Like A Man, Meet the Blacks, and Daddy Day Care. He also welcomed three children with his wife, Kenya Duke

In March of this year, reports suggested that Gary and Kenya may be having marital problems, but what’s really going on with the couple? Are Gary Owen and his wife getting a divorce?

Gary Owen’s wife Kenya filed for divorce in March of 2021.

Although Gary Owen and his wife had become popular on social media for sharing their experiences as a multicultural family, that came to an end in March when Kenya filed for divorce after more than 17 years of marriage. In early May, reports surfaced that revealed Kenya’s request for $44,000 a month in spousal support, which subsequently triggered a confrontation between the former lovers on social media. 

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In court documents, Kenya claimed that Gary gave her no choice but to file for spousal support after she left her job more than two decades ago to support the comedian in his career as an entertainer. She wrote, “Gary and I have been married for over 17 years. Twenty-three years ago, I left my promising career as an account manager to solely support Gary and his career.” 

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She added that she has been unable to communicate with Gary about their “household debt” via text and requested that Gary continue to make regular deposits to pay the mortgage and bills, as well as her attorney fees.

Kenya added, “Gary has been the sole provider for the last 23-plus years and continues to make a substantial amount of money (even during COVID)‚ and there is no reason why he should not continue to provide support as he has throughout our marriage.”

In lieu of the court case, Gary posted a picture wearing a shirt with the word “breadwinner” written across the front, and Kenya did not take his joke lightly. She went on to call the entertainer a “deadbeat” and claimed that he hasn’t supported her or their kids since she filed for divorce. And Gary had a response to that, too. 

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