Genshin Impact 2.7: miHoYo Responds To Delay Reports

Fans wonder whether Genshin Impact 2.7 could be delayed beyond the expected May 2022 release date, with mihoyo responding this week.

The good news is that no delay has been officially confirmed, and there has also been no reveal regarding when the final release date will be.

However, as mihoyo works to a 6-week schedule for most major updates, fans have a good idea of when to expect the next banners to drop.

Genshin Impact | Tale of the Five Kasen Story Teaser Trailer



Genshin Impact | Tale of the Five Kasen Story Teaser Trailer





mihoyo Responds To Genshin Impact 2.7 Rumours

Speculation has been mounting that there could be a change to the regular Genshin update release rhythm after it was revealed that a new event would be coming to the game. The news was shared on the company’s official Bilibili account in China and would run from May 6 to May 13. And without any further context, that could mean a delay for those expecting Genshin Impact 2.7 to drop during that time frame.

This week has seen mihoyo respond to the current situation, providing a short statement to When asked if the rumours that Version 2.7 would be delayed were accurate, a HoYoverse spokesperson provided this response via an email: “We’ve also noticed some discussions among fans and players, and our team has been doing our best working on the game and future updates at this moment.”

Unfortunately, this doesn’t reveal anything regarding future plans for Genshin Impact, or if there will be a longer wait due to the current situation in China involving COVID cases. No further news has been shared via official Genshin Impact accounts on social media, meaning we will need to wait for more information when it is provided.

Reliable sources have started providing important information for those gamers preparing for Genshin Impact 2.7, and the release of Yelan. The five-star Hydro user was expected to be made available in-game during May 2022 and featured in the first round of Banner events. None of this has been confirmed officially by mihoyo, although beta testing of the character is now underway. And that has led to some very exciting new information being shared regarding Yelan’s required Ascension Materials.

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