GGG Is an Important Term to Understand If You’re Navigating Online Dating

GGG is an acronym that is key to understanding Tinder and other online dating sites, but many are confused by what the three Gs stand for.

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The Gist:

  • GGG is a sexual acronym that stands for “good, giving, and game,” and it refers to someone’s skill in bed, their willingness to please their partner, and their willingness to experiment.
  • The acronym is often used on Tinder to indicate that someone is looking for casual hookups as opposed to a serious relationship.

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Dating has been perilous and difficult since the beginning of time, but the advent of online dating services like Tinder and others has only made things more complicated. In addition to trying to find a workable topic to discuss either online or in person, users on these platforms now have to navigate plenty of acronyms and slang terms that are entirely specific to this world.

One such acronym, GGG, has baffled many Tinder users who are new to the app or simply not familiar with what it means. In order to navigate life on Tinder, GGG is a pretty crucial thing to understand.

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What does GGG mean on Tinder?

If you see GGG attached to someone’s bio on Tinder, the first thing you need to know is that it’s typically a good sign. The acronym stands for “good, giving, and game,” and it refers to someone’s skills in the bedroom.

“Good” means that you’re good in bed, “giving” means that you want to make sure your partner is experiencing as much pleasure as you are, and “game” means that you are down to try new things during sex.

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While that acronym applies in many places, on Tinder, people use GGG as an indication that what they’re really looking for is a hookup or a very casual relationship. They want the relationship to stay mostly in the bedroom. They definitely aren’t looking for anything serious.

Some users also use the term for its acronym, to indicate both that they’re looking for a hookup and that they are good and open to experimentation (within limits, of course).

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GGG comes from sex columnist Dan Savage.

Like much of our terminology around sex, GGG was coined originally by columnist Dan Savage, who for decades has written the sex column Savage Love. He first coined the acronym in 2004, and it has only become more common in the years since.

It’s one of the best shorthands on the internet for those who want to be honest about what they’re looking for, and also about what they’re willing to provide themselves.

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GGG helped create a more sex positive atmosphere.

Dan Savage, and GGG in particular, have helped to create more space for people to talk openly about their sexual desires. GGG may not be the most family friendly acronym, but it’s a term that’s meant to make it easier to talk about your needs and what you’re open to.

While hookup culture may come with its downsides, knowing how to navigate the world of Tinder is important. GGG is far from the only acronym out there, but it’s undoubtedly one of the most important to the world of online dating.

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