Grown-ish Finale Sneak Peek: Sparks Fly Between Doug & Jazz Ahead of Graduation!

Time is a construct, but seriously, where did the time go?!

If you’re still reeling over the fact that it’s Black-ish’s milestone final season, then it’s hitting you extra hard that Grown-ish‘s Zoey and the gang are about to graduate. It feels like it was only yesterday when she was starting a new chapter in her life, finding her place in the world.

And TV Fanatic has a sneak peek of this momentous occasion!

Grown-ish Season 4 Episode 18’s Empire State of Mind marks the season finale of Freeform’s hit series, and it’s a milestone that’s been four years in the making.

The synopsis of the installment states that it’s graduation day, and the Johnson family is coming together to celebrate Zoey’s wonderful achievement as the first in the Johnson kid brood to graduate from college.

Of course, that means that we’ll get a healthy dose of the Black-ish gang making their cameos and mixing it up with Zoey and her friends.

But the crew will also come together to toast and celebrate their achievements. Everyone has big plans after graduation, and their paths may lead them in different directions, but it won’t impact the love they have for one another.

Johnson Graduation

We already know that Zoey will face a big dilemma that mirrors so much of what challenged her during her tenure at CalU.

She declined a trip to Africa with Aaron, but will she head to NYC with Luca to see what awaits her? If the title of the episode is a giveaway, then maybe she will!

And Nomi has made such great strides as a mother and student, but that pesky baby daddy of hers may affect everything when he challenges her intention of attending Yale and bringing their kid with her.

But, you guys, let’s be real. It’s all about that romance, and inquiring minds want to know if Doug and Jazz end up together.

NYC with Luca -tall - Grown-ish

Please, let that be the case! If you, like us, are rooting for these two, then we have a damn good surprise for you!

TV Fanatic was fortunate enough to score an exclusive sneak-peek of the finale, and if you’re a diehard fan of Doug and Jazz, then this one might be of interest!

In the clip, Jazz does some reminiscing and notes that she remembered when she didn’t think they’d succeed at being around each other after their breakup. However, she’s proud that they are now “two adults coexisting maturely and platonically.”

But Doug comes right out and mentions Jazz’s date the other night with Des and him interrupting it. Might he be testing the waters here? Possibly.

Doug Shares the Love - Grown-ish

Jazz doesn’t state that things are serious with Des. She even claims that they’re more of a “work in progress,” and when she mentions that Doug seems happy with Kiela right now, well, his body language tells the story of things not said.

Doug doesn’t come out and say that he and Kiela aren’t as Jazz believes. He stops himself from going forward with that.

However, he does make you swoon a bit when he leaves her with, “You, Jazlyn Forster, are a hard act to follow.”

Excuse us while we melt into a puddle because we’re going down with this ‘ship, y’all!

Check out the exclusive clip below, and don’t forget to tune in tonight for the season finale of Grown-ish at 10/9c on Freeform!

Jasmine Blu is a senior staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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