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Are you thinking of seeking academic writing help but you’re afraid that you might get caught?

If you normally seek essay writing help from custom essay writing companies, it’s possible to have questions like “can you get caught buying essays?” or “is buying essays illegal?”

Students worldwide use the services of academic writing companies due to various reasons. Some subjects are hard for some students while others lack the time to handle all the assignments and school work while working part-time.

No matter the situation, educational institutions still don’t allow students to purchase essays online. The punishment could involve not receiving grades for the assignment completely or you might even be suspended or expelled.

Students should, therefore, be careful when seeking essay help online. Follow the tips below when buying essays from academic writing companies to avoid getting caught:

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Use Trustworthy Essay Writing Companies

As with anything else, doing business with a trusted partner guarantees safety and satisfaction for both parties involved. 

When seeking essay writing help online, you should use reliable and trustworthy essay writing companies like Essay Mama. This service guarantees you quality work every time without missing deadlines.

Delivering quality essays consistently is no easy task. This is something you can’t get from cheap essay writing companies as they just use spinning tools or reword other articles on the internet. If you buy essays from companies of this kind, you will either get caught or get essays you cannot use.

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To know if you’re using a trustworthy essay writing service, check its reputation. You can check the reviews of other students who have used the essay writing company or check on other sites like Reddit, Facebook, and other platforms.

Another way to ensure you don’t get caught when buying essays online is to use companies that work with native writers. 

It’s not easy to distinguish between websites that use native writers because most of the companies hire experts to have their websites designed but you can check the quality of English used.

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Consider the Website Security 

The other thing you want to consider is how your data is protected by the website. In case your private data is leaked to anyone apart from the essay writing company you seek help from, then the chances of getting caught are high. This happens when you deal with essay writing services that don’t guarantee 100% security for private data. Apart from using a trusted antivirus program, the essay writing service must assure you that it will not disclose your data to third-party users or other websites.

In case the data you share with the essay writing company falls under the hands of malicious people or third-party online users, it’s most likely it will end up making everything exposed.

It’s also good to sign up for a non-disclosure agreement with the writing service to ensure that it doesn’t leak your private data to a third party.

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Do Not Provide Your Actual Name

Whether you’re using a trustworthy essay writing company or you’re guaranteed 100% security for your private data, never use your actual name whenever you’re seeking help with your essays online.

The good thing is that most online essay writing companies don’t allow students to sign contracts. This means that you’re not compelled to provide your real name and other personal details.

A good rule of thumb is to use nicknames. This will prevent your professor from finding out any information about you when they try to access the website you’re using.

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Never Disclose Your Real Email Address 

Another tip to avoid getting caught when purchasing essays from online academic writing companies is to avoid disclosing your official or actual email.  While the internet can be useful, it can become your enemy if you aren’t careful.

You want to make sure that your communication and engagements with an essay writing company cannot be tracked.

If you use your real email address, there are high chances that anyone can track your communication.

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Rewrite the Essay Yourself

Even if you seek essay writing help from a trustworthy company, don’t make the mistake of submitting the essay as it is.

Once the writer hands over the essay to you, read the material, understand it then rewrite the essay before submitting it to your professor. This way, it will demonstrate your writing style and tone.

Of course, you should hire a writer capable of adapting your writing style. However, imitation cannot be as accurate as it should be.

Essay writing can be tough, but it's not impossible. Check out our guide to assignment writing to help get you the A+ you deserve.

Provide Detailed Instructions When Seeking Help

When seeking essay writing help online, provide as detailed instructions as possible. 

It would even be helpful if you pass over the instructions given to you by your professor to the writer. This is to enable your particular writer to customize your essay to the instructions given.

Most reputable essay writing companies write essays from scratch. They don’t do essay spinning or rewording. They have writers who can research thoroughly and write everything from scratch. 

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Tweak the Algorithm of Plagiarism Checker Software

If you can, use coding to avoid getting caught when buying essays from essay writing companies. How this trick works is simple. You can either do the coding yourself if you have sufficient coding skills or hire an expert coder to do the work for you.

Here, your coder needs to tweak the system of the plagiarism checker you’re using. 

This means that even if your instructor checks your essay for plagiarism, they will not get any features of exclusive content.

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Use Plagiarism Checkers

A plagiarism software is a tool that scans heaps of databases online to see whether there is any similarity of the content in the essay with what’s already in the database.

The software then produces a plagiarism report that shows the percentage of the similarity level, highlighting the content that has been plagiarized; and even provides links to the source where similar content is published.

You can use plagiarism checker software to see whether there are plagiarism issues with your essay before submitting it.

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