Heartland Season 15: Cast, trailer, release date, and how many episodes

Everything fans need to know about Heartland season 15 including the cast, trailer, release date on Netflix, how many episodes and more.

When it comes to feel-good family dramas set in stunning locations, not many shows are able to reach the heights quite like the Canadian Heartland series.

Whilst Heartland fans watching on Netflix in the UK have just had season 16 added to their streaming service on May 17, fans in the United States are counting down the days to the season 15 premiere.

Here is everything that fans need to know about Heartland season 15 including the cast, trailer, release date, how many episodes, filming locations, and much more.

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Heartland season 15 cast

The main cast of Heartland season 15 includes Amber Marshall, Michelle Morgan, Shaun Johnston, Alisha Newton, and Chris Potter.

Marshall is a 34-year-old Canadian actress, singer, and horse rider from Ontario. Whilst Heartland is by far her most popular role, Marshall has also featured in the likes of The Elizabeth Smart Story as Elizabeth Smart (2003), Mutant World as Nicole (2014), With Nothing But Our Courage as Mary (2020), and Love in Harmony Valley as Emma (2020).

Morgan is a Canadian actress, producer, director, and writer from Calgary. The 41-year-old hasn’t had many major roles outside Heartland; however, she has played characters in Stargate Atlantis (2008), The L Word (2008), Supernatural (2015), The Good Doctor (2018), and Batwoman (2019).

Johnston is a Canadian TV, movie, and stage actor from Ponoka who is best known for playing Roy in Mentors (1998), DA Dollof in Mystery Alaska (1999), and Colonel Miles in Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee (2007). The fan-favorite actor has also been featured in various TV projects from The X-Files (1995) and The Outer Limits (2000) to Smallville (2001) and Wynonna Earp (2016).

Newton is a 21-year-old Canadian actress who made her professional debut back in 2010 appearing in the TV movie The Wyoming Story, before a cameo role on Supernatural later that same year. Heartland fans may also recognize her as young Annabeth from Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (2013), Beatrice from Scorched Earth (2018), and Helen from Devil in Ohio (2022).

Finally, Potter is a 62-year-old actor, director, and musician from Toronto who is arguably best known for his role as Peter Caine in the 1990s crime drama series Kung Fu: The Legend Continues. He has also featured in The Good Witch franchise (2008) as Jake Russel, X-Men (1992) and Spider-Man (1995) as Remy LeBeau/Gambit, as well as Dr Cameron in Queer as Folk (2000).

The full cast list for Heartland season 15 includes:

Executive producers on Heartland season 15 are Michael Weinberg, Tom Cox, Jordy Randall, and Heather Conkie – who also serves as the showrunner.

Heartland fans can look forward to seeing their favorite cast of horse wranglers and ranchers in season 15, but sadly minus Graham Wardle – who left the show in 2021 after his character Tyler ‘Ty’ Borden died of deep vein thrombosis.

Heartland season 15 trailer

The official trailer for Heartland season 15 was released in October 2021, you can watch it below.

Heartland season 15 release date, time and how to watch

Heartland season 15 is scheduled to release on the US version of Netflix on Wednesday, May 31.

Netflix has not confirmed a specific release time, but Heartland season 15 is expected to be made available at the following international times in accordance with the platform’s typical update window:

In the US, Netflix is available from $6.99 a month (Basic with ads), $9.99 a month (Basic without ads), $15.49 a month (Standard), or $19.99 a month (Premium).

Heartland season 15 originally aired between October 17 and December 19, 2021, via the UP Faith & Family network in America and on CBC in Canada. If you need to catch up on any of the previous seasons, fans can find old episodes on Peacock and Hulu.

How many episodes are in Heartland season 15?

Heartland season 15 consists of 10 individual episodes:

Heartland season 15 filming locations

Heartland season 15 was filmed in various stunning locations across Canada including Calgary (where Heartland has its own studio), High River, Millarville, and Longview in Alberta, Canada.

Whilst fans would love to live on the beautiful ranches and farms seen in Heartland, filming the hit TV series has had just as much drama as the script itself.

In June 2013, areas of Southern and Central Alberta experienced extremely heavy rainfalls, leading to some of the worst flooding that the province’s history.

Maggie’s Diner was said to be completely swamped by the floor, with production having to shift many of its filming locations to Inglewood, a town just outside Calgary.

Heartland has even filmed some sequences at the famous abandoned military base known as Currie Barracks.

Heartland season 14 finale recap

The Heartland season 14 finale was titled ‘Staying the Course’ and originally aired on March 21, 2021.

The season 14 finale saw Amy working with a particularly challenging horse called Shadow, the horse that we saw bolting from its herd back in the season 13 finale. Whilst out riding Shadow, Amy sees the old jumping course that she and Spartan used to enjoy and vows that she will rebuild the training course bigger and better than before.

Meanwhile, Jessica returned to the ranch and tells Tim that it was unfair of her to leave, but acknowledges that her new dream is to travel both across Canada and the wider world. Thankfully, Tim is supportive of this plan and the two finally share a kiss after Jessica suggests that he joins her on their travels.

However, it’s not all plain sailing in paradise; Lou calls off her wedding to Mitch after he says that he wants to have children with her and in a heartbreaking twist of fate, she admits that she still has feelings for Peter.

Has Heartland season 16 finished airing?

Yes, Heartland season 16 has indeed finished airing in both the US and Canada.

The sixteenth season of Heartland aired a total of 15 episodes between October 2, 2022, and February 5, 2023:

Heartland season 16 is expected to be released on Netflix sometime in 2023; however, a more specific premiere window remains TBA.

Will there be a season 17 of Heartland?

Yes, CBC confirmed on May 8, 2023, that season 17 of Heartland is now in development.

Sharing a very, very early preview for Heartland season 17, CBC revealed “In Season 17, the Heartland family know better than most that while dreams can sometimes come true, more often life takes us in unexpected directions” adding that “the new season is all about embracing the unexpected.”

“It’s about new experiences and taking the path less traveled. In Season 17 the Bartlett-Fleming family will find themselves excited for the future and ready to embrace new adventures, challenges, and relationships. But no matter how much things may change, Amy (Amber Marshall), Lou (Michelle Morgan), Jack (Shaun Johnston), and Tim (Chris Potter) will continue to fight for what they believe in while staying rooted in the land that has been in the Bartlett-Fleming family for generations.”

Speaking on the season 17 renewal, lead actress Amber Marshall said “It is hard to believe I have been part of 250 Heartland episodes. When I look back and do the math, I’ve spent over 1700 days on set which is roughly 20,400 hours. I really can’t imagine a better group of people to create something so special. We are all so proud of this show.”

This page will be kept up to date with all the latest news and updates regarding Heartland Season 15 so make sure to come back for everything you’d need to know.

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