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57 Job ads for experienced managers & executives across Europe from Hidden Job Market by Career Angels

This week we’ve researched job ads for executives across Europe and have found 57 gems like the following:

  • [PL] Head of Vendor Management @ Amazon
  • [RO] SEE People Director @ Glovo
  • [HU] Regional Key Account Director, Retail @ Wolt
  • [PL] Senior Principal (Reward Strategy) @ Korn Ferry
  • [SL] MS&T Head Launch Excellence @ Novartis in Slovenia

Here the full list job ads from Hidden Job Market: 

→ General Management

[SE] Deputy CEO [posted: Dec 13, 2021]
Innovative Musical Instrument Company with rapidly growing global sales.
This is an opportunity exclusive for Exparang* members. You are welcome to apply via this link

[SL] Managing Director [posted: Dec 10, 2021]
Robert Walters

[FR] VP Business Development [posted: Dec 13, 2021]

→ Sales & Marketing

[PL] Head of Category Management, Bolt Market [posted: Dec 10, 2021]

[PL] Head of Vendor Management [posted: Dec 10, 2021]

[PL] Sales Director Staff Augmentation [posted: Dec 10, 2021]

[PL] Sr. Manager- Field Sales Experience [posted: Dec 8, 2021]
GE Healthcare

[BE] Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) [posted: Dec 7, 2021]
Hudson Benelux

[BE] Marketing Director Operations & Creative Services Lee & Wrangler EMEA [posted: Dec 13, 2021]
Kontoor Brands, Inc.

[BE] Sales Director (Freelance or Fixed Contract) [posted: Dec 11, 2021]

[BE] Marketing & Sales Director [posted: Dec 11, 2021]
ADESA Europe

[EE] Head of Category Management, Bolt Market [posted: Dec 10, 2021]

[DE] Director of Sales for EMEA, Lithium [posted: Dec 12, 2021]
Albemarle Corporation

[DK] Strategic Marketing Director – Fertility Solutions [posted: Dec 10, 2021]

[FR] Director Product Management [posted: Dec 8, 2021]

[FR] Director of Sales for EMEA, Lithium [posted: Dec 12, 2021]
Albemarle Corporation

[IT] Director of Sales for EMEA, Lithium [posted: Dec 12, 2021]
Albemarle Corporation

[IT] Sales Director [posted: Dec 13, 2021]

→ HR & related

[CZ] Director – HR Business Partnering & Industrial Relations [posted: Dec 7, 2021]
LIBERTY Steel Group

[BE] Head of People [posted: Dec 13, 2021]
Edgard & Cooper

[RO] SEE People Director [posted: Dec 8, 2021]

[DE] Human Resources Director [posted: Dec 10, 2021]
IDEX Corporation

[FR] Principal Recruiter, France Client Lead, Consumer Talent Acquisition [posted: Dec 7, 2021]

→ Admin & Finance

[HU] Finance Director [posted: Dec 4, 2021]
Interactive Brokers

[BG] Country Finance Lead – Part Time [posted: Nov 30, 2021]
IWG plc

[FR] Country Finance Lead – Part Time [posted: Nov 30, 2021]
IWG plc

[IT] Account Director – WestJet [posted: Dec 4, 2021]
Sabre Corporation

[PL] Chief Accountant [posted: Dec 03, 2021]
International supplying solutions and equipment for industrial, heating and water treatment systems

[HU] Regional Key Account Director, Retail [posted: Dec 7, 2021]

[CZ] Global Payroll Tax Head [posted: Dec 6, 2021]
Novartis Czech Republic

[PL] Controlling Director [posted: Dec 13. 2021]
International service company (B2B)

→ Other

[PL] Director Portfolio Management Digital [posted: Dec 9, 2021]
ERGO Technology & Services

[PL] Senior Principal (Reward Strategy) [posted: Dec 8, 2021]
Korn Ferry

[PL] Global Data Lead [posted: Dec 7, 2021]

[PL] Global Lead, Information Technology [posted: Dec 10, 2021]

[PL] Vice President Operations [posted: Dec 9, 2021]
BlackSwan Technologies

[PL] Principal Software Engineer – Automotive Mastermind [posted: Dec 9, 2021]
IHS Markit

[HU] Director Of Operations [posted: Dec 11, 2021]

[HU] Manager or Associate Director, Data Management [posted: Dec 7, 2021]
Precision Medicine Group

[SK] Director IBS Data Governance Operations & Transformations [posted: Dec 8, 2021]
Mondelēz International

[SL] MS&T Head Launch Excellence [posted: Dec 13, 2021]
Novartis in Slovenia

[CZ] Director Of Operations [posted: Dec 8, 2021]
Expense Reduction Analysts – Global

[CZ] Head O2C Global Process Owner [posted: Dec 10, 2021]
Novartis Czech Republic

[UA] Director Of Engineering [posted: Dec 13, 2021]

[BG] Sr. Director – Quality/ Customer Experience [posted: Dec 13, 2021]

[BG] Senior Director Solutions Engineering [posted: Dec 7, 2021]

[BE] Industrial Improvement Project & PMO Director [posted: Dec 7, 2021]

[BE] Head of Data [posted: Dec 7, 2021]

[BE] Deputy Assistant Secretary General [posted: Dec 9, 2021]

[DE] Capital Deployment, Director [posted: Dec 8, 2021]

[DE] Director Customer Program Management [posted: Dec 8, 2021]

[DE] Head Operations Bioanalytics [posted: Dec 13, 2021]

[DE] Design Director – Brand Design System [posted: Dec 7, 2021]
PayFit France

[DE] Global Director Coach Relations [posted: Dec 12, 2021]
CoachHub – The digital coaching platform

[DE] Head of Product Design [posted: Dec 7, 2021]
PayFit France

[DE] Head of Digital Development – European Operations [posted: Dec 8, 2021]

[DK] IT Director [posted: Dec 11, 2021]
Universal Robots A/S

[DK] Associate Director – AI & Analytics Advisory [posted: Dec 7, 2021]

[DK] Director, Digital Engineering Shopping [posted: Dec 11, 2021]

[IT] Associate Director, Strategy [posted: Dec 8, 2021]
EPAM Systems

[AT] Head Warehouse & Logistics [posted: Dec 8, 2021]

[AT] Technical Director EMEA [posted: Dec 8, 2021]
TLM Partners

As well as these fully remote opportunities from Week 49:

[PL] Global Data Lead [posted: Dec 7, 2021]

[PL] Drupal Architect [posted: Dec 8, 2021]
Symphony Solutions

[PL] Director Portfolio Management Digital [posted: Dec 9, 2021]
ERGO Technology & Services

[HU] Director Clinical Project Management (Ophthalmology) [posted: Dec 8, 2021]
TFS HealthScience

[SL] Chief Engineer [posted: Dec 4, 2021]
General Dynamics Information Technology

[UA] Senior Director / VP of Technology [posted: Dec 4, 2021]

[BG] Head of Go To Market (GTM) [posted: Dec 3, 2021]

[BG] Director of Marketing Strategy [posted: Dec 5, 2021]

[BE] Deputy regional Director – South & South-East Asia [posted: Dec 6, 2021]
Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue (HD)

[BE] Executive Partner (CIO Advisor) [posted: Dec 8, 2021]

[BE] Industrial Improvement Project & PMO Director [posted: Dec 8, 2021]

[RO] Marketing Manager [posted: Dec 6, 2021]

[DE] Group Head Retail Media Sales Germany [posted: Dec 9, 2021]
SIGNA Sports United

[DE] VP, Head of Global Payroll [posted: Dec 9, 2021]

[DE] Inspired Learning Director [posted: Dec 3, 2021]

[DE] Director of EMEAR Retail & Online, Consumer Marketing [posted: Dec 6, 2021]

[DE] Head of Growth [posted: Dec 8, 2021]

[FR] Director Product Management [posted: Dec 8, 2021]

[FR] Director of Sales for EMEA, Lithium [posted: Dec 8, 2021]
Albemarle Corporation

[FR] VP, Head of Global Payroll [posted: Dec 8, 2021]

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→ Last 7 days

The above list covers only “fresh” job ads from the last 7 days. If you are actively looking for a job, we recommend you also review Hidden Job Market gems from previous weeks – as the job ads might still be active: Week 49, Week 48, Week 47.

→ Application

If you are not sure whether you are ready to apply, you can request:

  • an objective and free CV Report
  • a so-called “ATS Compliance Report”

Simply send an email to with your CV and indicate in the subject “CV Report” or “ATS Compliance Report”.
Knowing the competitiveness of the market, your CV should score at least 80%.

If you’d like to discuss your current career plans or job search efforts, you can schedule a free and non-binding career consultation.

→ About

The purpose of this post is to give experienced managers and executives access to the so-called “hidden” job market and “real” job ads in Europe – with an emphasis on opportunities for English speaking, international candidates.

Why the “ ”?

  • job ads for executives can be pro forma ads i.e. the positions have to be posted due to internal processes although the position has already been filled
  • they can serve to research the market and competitors
  • there can be A LOT of applicants (the higher the position, the fewer opportunities, the bigger the competition) which means that if you are not in a certain batch of emails, your application doesn’t even get looked at.

If you are rather actively looking, you want to access the so-called “hidden job market” – opportunities that:

  • rarely see the “light of the Internet”
  • are distributed by word of mouth
  • are shared on intranets
  • are handled by Executive Search firms
  • come directly from companies that contact us to recommend senior candidates.

In other words, we will be sharing job ad gems that come from different sources – divided by function.

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