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42 Job ads for experienced managers & executives across Europe from Hidden Job Market by Career Angels

This week we’ve researched job ads for executives across Europe and have found 42 gems like the following:

  • [BG] General Manager Bulgaria @ Merck Group
  • [BE] Global Head of Rewards @ Swift
  • [HU] Head of Financial Control Governance @ Diageo
  • [FR] VP Total Rewards – France @ The Adecco Group
  • [FR] Senior Lean Leader – Lean Office @ GE Healthcare

Here the full list job ads from Hidden Job Market: 

→ General Management

[PL] Country Manager [posted: Oct 10, 2022]

[BG] General Manager Bulgaria [posted: Oct 6, 2022]
Merck Group

[RO] Country Manager [posted: Oct 10, 2022]

[DE] Director – Europe [posted: Oct 6, 2022]
fritz-kulturgüter GmbH

[DE] Managing Director – Back Office [posted: Oct 5, 2022]

[FR] France Country Manager [posted: Oct 5, 2022]
Poke House

→ Sales & Marketing

[PL] Director for Asia and Pacific Customers [posted: Oct 4, 2022]
BNP Paribas Bank Polska

[PL] Lead IT Product Manager [posted: Oct 3, 2022]

[PL] VP IT, Digital E-Commerce [posted: Oct 4, 2022]
Tech Data

[CR] Vice President, Product Management [posted: Oct 10, 2022]

[DK] Senior Market Director, Power Transmission [posted: Oct 4, 2022]

[IT] Global Director, After Sales & Services [posted: Oct 7, 2022]
ATS Automation

[IT] Brand House Director, Europe & APAC [posted: Oct 8, 2022]
Campari Group

→ HR & related

[PL] Rewards Professional [posted: Oct 5, 2022]

[BE] Global Head of Rewards [posted: Oct 7, 2022]

[DK] Director, Team Lead, Trial Management [posted: Oct 7, 2022]

→ Admin & Finance

[PL] Finance Director [posted: Oct 10, 2022]
Confidential (company listed on Stock Exchange – search via PE fund)
For more information contact

[HU] Head of Financial Control Governance [posted: Oct 6, 2022]

[HU] Financial Director [posted: Oct 4, 2022]
CETIN Hungary

[BE] Global Head of Internal Audit [posted: Oct 7, 2022]

[BE] Director Procurement [posted: Oct 5, 2022]

[RO] Head of Data Governance [posted: Oct 10, 2022]

[RO] Chief Financial Officer [posted: Oct 10, 2022]
HILL International

[FR] VP Total Rewards – France [posted: Oct 5, 2022]
The Adecco Group

→ Other

[PL] Manager, Global Workplaces and Real Estate EMEA [posted: Oct 8, 2022]

[PL] Global Process Owner, R2R [posted: Oct 8, 2022]

[EU] Vice President of Professional Services [posted: Oct 6, 2022]

[HU] Head of Soil Health Services EAME [posted: Oct 7, 2022]

[HU] Director of Engineering [posted: Oct 4, 2022]

[UA] VP of Delivery [posted: Oct 5, 2022]

[UA] Head of Soil Health Services EAME [posted: Oct 7, 2022]

[BG] Director of Engineering [posted: Oct 4, 2022]

[EMEA] Chief Technology Officer [posted: Oct 8, 2022]

[BE] Director Digital Transformation – Public Sector [posted: Oct 10, 2022]
KPMG Belgium

[BE] Telco Advisory – Principal [posted: Oct 5, 2022]
Infosys Consulting

[RO] Manager, Global Workplaces and Real Estate EMEA [posted: Oct 8, 2022]

[DE] Director Strategic Projects [posted: Oct 9, 2022]

[DK] Director of Project Controls [posted: Oct 10, 2022]

[FR] IT Director, Business Relationship Management [posted: Oct 6, 2022]
Insulet International

[FR] Senior Lean Leader – Lean Office [posted: Oct 7, 2022]
GE Healthcare

[AT] Operational and Development Director [posted: Oct 6, 2022]
Palfinger AG

[AT] Senior Project Director Power Modules [posted: Oct 7, 2022]
Infineon Technologies

As well as these fully remote opportunities from Week 39:

[PL] Director of Operations, Real World & Late Phase [posted: Sep 30, 2022]
Syneos Health

[PL] Sr Director Pricing [posted: Sep 30, 2022]
TE Connectivity

[PL] Vice President of Professional Services [posted: Oct 5, 2022]

[PL] Global Vertical Director – Fashion [posted: Oct 5, 2022]

[EU] Chief Product Officer [posted: Oct 1, 2022]

[HU] Director of Engineering [posted: Oct 4, 2022]

[RO] Head of Data Governance [posted: Oct 3, 2022]

[DE] Head of Growth Germany [posted: Oct 4, 2022]
PayFit Deutschland

[DE] Client Experience (CX) Director, Regulatory Services [posted: Oct 2, 2022]

[DE] Sales Manager Germany [posted: Oct 5, 2022]

[DE] Vice President, Buyer Development [posted: Oct 2, 2022]
Index Exchange

[DE] Senior Legal Counsel [posted: Oct 4, 2022]

[FR] Head of Data Governance [posted: Oct 3, 2022]

[FR] Vice President of Investment [posted: Oct 1, 2022]

[FR] Head, Medical Affairs France [posted: Oct 4, 2022]
Amylyx Pharmaceuticals

[FR] Regional Sales Director, EMEA, South [posted: Oct 2, 2022]

[IT] Director, Ocean Trade Lane Management FEWB [posted: Oct 5, 2022]

[IT] Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) [posted: Oct 1, 2022]

→ Last 7 days

The above list covers only “fresh” job ads from the last 7 days. If you are actively looking for a job, we recommend you also review Hidden Job Market gems from previous weeks – as the job ads might still be active: Week 35, Week 36, Week 37.

→ Application

If you are not sure whether you are ready to apply, you can request:

  • an objective and free CV Report
  • a so-called “ATS Compliance Report”

Simply send an email to with your CV and indicate in the subject “CV Report” or “ATS Compliance Report”.
Knowing the competitiveness of the market, your CV should score at least 80%.

If you’d like to discuss your current career plans or job search efforts, you can schedule a free and non-binding career consultation.

→ About

The purpose of this post is to give experienced managers and executives access to the so-called “hidden” job market and “real” job ads in Europe – with an emphasis on opportunities for English speaking, international candidates.

Why the “ ”?

  • job ads for executives can be pro forma ads i.e. the positions have to be posted due to internal processes although the position has already been filled
  • they can serve to research the market and competitors
  • there can be A LOT of applicants (the higher the position, the fewer opportunities, the bigger the competition) which means that if you are not in a certain batch of emails, your application doesn’t even get looked at.

If you are rather actively looking, you want to access the so-called “hidden job market” – opportunities that:

  • rarely see the “light of the Internet”
  • are distributed by word of mouth
  • are shared on intranets
  • are handled by Executive Search firms
  • come directly from companies that contact us to recommend senior candidates.

In other words, we will be sharing job ad gems that come from different sources – divided by function.

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