Hippies Have Sworn By This Toner For Years — Now I Do, Too

Hydration with a capital “H”. This toner is the key to keeping my face oil-free, even, and bright — but, not necessarily on its own. If the rest of my products score the glowy skin-goal, then Heritage Store’s Rosewater Toner passes the pH-balanced ball. I first splash it on my freshly washed face, then apply my chemical exfoliant, re-splash, wait to dry a tad, apply Caudalie serum, and repeat, repeat, repeat with the rest of my routine. Perhaps it’s those moisturizing ingredients, the calming rosewater, the hyaluronic acid, or the wisdom that only decades of experience can deliver. All I know is that Heritage Store’s rosewater helps melt my products into my skin like it was designed to do and makes me look good in pictures — which, embarrassingly shallow or not, is all I want.

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