How A Time Management Makeover Made My Life More Bearable

It’s important to figure out what you’re doing with your time already to figure out if you can make some tweaks or improvements. For my time makeover, Vanderkam recommended I track my time for a few days to a week in 30- or 15-minute increments. Luckily, this wasn’t so hard, as she provides a handy spreadsheet that’s also available as a Google Sheet (she also has an easy guide for doing your own time makeover, for anyone who wants to try this). “The point is not to figure out how much time you waste,” she says. “We all waste time. The point is to make sure you are not telling yourself false stories.” An example of such a story: you might be telling yourself “I work 60 hours a week,” when, in fact, some weeks you might work 60 hours but others you work closer to 30 or 35, depending on the season.  

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