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If you’d like your kitchen to resemble old-school diners, check out our decorating tips. Below, we explain what type of furniture to choose and how to combine colours and patterns in order to achieve a truly American effect!

Minimalism is versatile and relatively easy to implement – modern furniture is widely available, and so are minimalistic accessories. And combining them doesn’t cause many headaches since their simple forms and neutral forms easily harmonize. 

However, it’s hard not to notice that the world got a little tired of the omnipresence of this trend. Eclecticism, boho, and rustic style are on the rise again, together with the affection for retro. The unique style of the 50s-60s is timeless, and you can play with it by blending more modern accessories. Obviously, the approach to these retro stylistics can differ depending on which region inspires you the most. If you’re a fan of a typically American vintage look, here are some tips you may find helpful.

#1 Choose the checkered tiles

The floor is essential in the case of an American-style kitchen. The chequered tiles are the best choice if you want to spice up the retro look. It doesn’t necessarily have to be black and white. However, this neutral combination will give you more freedom with the colours of the walls and furniture. 

#2 Buy a retro oven

When it comes to kitchen household appliances, investing in second-hand retro models won’t be the best idea. Even if they look stunning, it will take you a lot of time and effort to make them usable – and the comfort of preparing meals may still be relatively low.

Fortunately, you can find the retro ovens that look straight out of the 60s but offer comparable functionality to the modern models. The vintage ovens usually have other colours than white or black – like beige, red, mint, or others. Their finishing is very smart-looking, with gold and silver elements and the shapes – slightly rounded.

For beautiful retro ovens that offer the full scope of baking and cooking options, check You can also choose fitting vents that combine vintage design with maximum functionality.

#3 Don’t be afraid of colors

The American-style kitchen is all about color. Choose the main one – the bolder, the better – and add a milder one. It can be pastels -mint, pink, mustard – or some stronger shade, like navy blue or purple. You choose! Adding some white and black will create a nice contrast and make the effect complete.

Following these tips, you’ll create a stunning American-style interior design! 

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