How To Find Your Region In Pokemon Go For Vivillon Collector

A medal in Pokemon Go, Vivillon Collector, tasks you with finding Scatterbug from around the world. This guide on How To Find Your Region In Pokemon Go For Vivillon Collector will tell you how you can find out which region you are in so you can coordinate with people online to fill out your Vivillon Medal and catch all the Scatter bug.

If you navigate to your Medal menu you will find the Vivillon Medal, it’s in the shape of a butterfly. This unique medal tasks you with receiving and pinning three different postcards from one of 18 different regions. The regions are Archipelago, Continental, Elegant, Garden, High Plains, Icy Snow, Jungle, Marine, Meadow, Modern, Monsoon, Ocean, Polar, River, Sandstorm, Savanna, and Sun. The region in which the postcard was found determines the region in which it gives once pinned.

How To Find Your Region In Pokemon Go For Vivillon Collector

There are two ways you can use to find your region for the Vivillon Medal in Pokemon Go. The first one is to use the map. Go to the Medals section and check the Vivillon Medal. Above all the medals you will see a Magnifying Glass next to the world map. This brings up a map of Earth, loosely at least, and shows you the location of each of the different regions. Where you live, or more importantly where you get your Pokemon Gifts, determines your region.

If that map is not clear you can also go into your Item Bag and click a Gift. Inside the gift click the Pin button. This will pin the gift. Then go back into the Vivillon Medal page and see what medal has progressed. That will tell you what region you are in.

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