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Is The Black Widow available to stream? Is watch Black Widow the new Marvel 2021 full film online free on Disney Plus, Netflix, Hulu, Prime, HBO Max? Yes we have found an authentic link. It’s time to figure out how to watch the Black Widow movie because you’ve got a few options. It’s almost time for Natasha to go home in the Black Widow movie.

Watch Now: Black Widow Full Film!

For anyone who isn’t going to a theater to watch the latest Marvel movie — we got our tickets in May — it’s time to decide if you want to spend money on Disney Plus Premier Access or wait a while.

Stream Now: Black Widow For Free

Black Widow arrives in theaters this Friday (July 9), after the last year-plus gave it more release dates than most can remember. But finally we’re getting to learn more about Natasha Romanov, as Scarlett Johansson takes the character back home to take care of some personal matters. And see some family, too.

Can you remember back to May 2020? That’s when we were first supposed to see Black Widow. We’ve waited a good 14 months since that original window, thanks to the shuttered movie theaters due to the global Covid-19 pandemic. 

Yes, the movie could have come out on Premier Access during those months, but Disney believes Black Widow is worth waiting for the theatrical experience. Hopefully that hasn’t dulled fans’ interest in a movie that they’ve long demanded.

Here’s what you need to watch Black Widow online or in theaters:

How and where to watch Black Widow 

Black Widow will be available to watch in U.S. theaters on Friday, July 9 (and it’s in U.K. theaters starting July 7). But what if you don’t want to go to a theater?

Well, you’ll need two things: 1) a Disney Plus account and 2) either time or money. 

bw 03

Black Widow costs an extra $30 for anyone looking to watch it soon — as that’s the standard price for Disney Plus Premier Access films. And, yes, that’s on top of the Disney Plus monthly price.

That could mean big savings, especially for large families. Either way, it will be available to watch on Disney Plus Premier Access from Friday (July 9). 

That said, some may want to save even more — by waiting longer. So, if you wait until October 6, three months from this Friday, you’ll be able to watch Black Widow then as part of your regular Disney Plus subscription. Disney Plus costs $7.99, though there are discounts for annual subscriptions and bundles available.

‘Black Widow’ Release Details

Black Widow was originally due to be released in May 2020 with an exclusively cinematic release but after the pandemic delayed its launch and changed the forecast for box office figures, Marvel and Disney agreed to give it a simultaneous release in movie theaters and on the streaming service Disney+.

bw 04

Black Widow will now be available to watch in the United States from Friday July 9, 2021.

Disney+ subscribers will need to pay for Premier Access to watch the movie online. Other movies such as Mulan and Cruella have been launched on the service with Premier Access at an extra cost of $29.99.

How to watch Black Widow on Disney+ for free

You’ve got a while to wait to watch Black Widow on Disney+ with your subscription and without the additional Premier Access cost.

bw 05

The new Marvel movie will be made available to all Disney+ subscribers for free on October 6, 2021.

watch Black Widow online: stream full movie on Disney Plus today

Anyone in countries that have access to Disney Plus – North America, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, most of mainland Europe and more – simply need to head to the Disney Plus website to sign up for the service. 

Once you’ve done that, you’ll find Black Widow available to buy through the Premier Access platform for $29.99/£19.99/AU$34.99. It’s available to pre-order in the US and Canada until July 8, before being released on Friday, July 9 at 8am BST / 12am PT / 3am ET. 

bw 06

How to watch Black Widow in the US

Marvel’s Black Widow releases in cinemas in the US on Friday, July 9, but if you don’t want to take a trip to the big screen, you can also watch it at home on Disney+ with Premier Access from the same day.

Watching Black Widow via Premier Access will cost an extra $29.99 on top of the streaming service’s subscription fee, and it’s available to pre-order now.

How to watch Black Widow in the UK

Black Widow is out now in UK cinemas, this is the only way to watch the film until two days later on Friday, July 9, when it will be made available on Disney+ with Premier Access.

Using Premier Access you can pre-order and watch Black Widow for an additional fee of £19.99. This is on top of the Disney+ subscription charge and will allow you to watch the film at home.

bw 07

How to save money on Disney Plus 

The Disney Plus price is already cheaper than competing streaming services like Netflix but you can save even more when you sign up for an annual subscription which gives you 15% off the monthly price. Obviously you have to splash the cash at the start, but with so much content to get stuck into, we very much doubt you’ll run out of things to watch before the 12 months are up. You’re looking at a mere $79.99/£79.90/AU$119.99 for the year.

If your interests are farther reaching (and you’re in the US), then we’d seriously recommend looking at the fantastic value bundle package. It adds Hulu and ESPN Plus to your subscription price. 

The Hulu element opens up a world of Hulu Originals too, such as Upload, Love Victor, Helstrom and The Handmaid’s Tale. Bringing even more great value, ESPN Plus offers loads of exclusive live sport, highlights and documentaries. The combined bundle costs just $13.99 a month.

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