I Went Undercover In The Sinister World Of Meghan Markle Hate Accounts

Like Charlie, Scobie believes the royal family should intervene. “We haven’t really seen much fightback from the palace itself,” he tells me. He acknowledges Prince William’s anti-bullying initiatives and the Sussexes’ upcoming work building positive online communities but adds: “We’ve never actually heard the royal family address the online hatred, bullying and racism that has existed and grown to extreme levels in the past four years.” In 2019, Kensington Palace did announce new social media guidelines in an attempt to limit the toxicity on their accounts, and revealed they had been in touch with social media firms for help, but their accounts continued (and continues today) to see abusive comments. It may have been the inadequacy of the response that led to Harry and Meghan feeling “let down” and “unprotected”, as they revealed in the Oprah interview. Scobie calls for accountability from everybody: “members of the royal family, the institution itself, the social media companies, media organizations and individual journalists from myself to the Angela Levins of the world, and everyone in between.”

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