Icelandic artist JFDR shares new ethereal new single “The Orchid”

JFDR, aka Icelandic artist Jófríður Ákadóttir, has signed to Houndstooth and released her first single for the label. “The Orchid” is ethereal and orchestral, with strings and synths as a pillowy bed for Ákadóttir heavenly voice. She co-produced the song with Joshua Wilkinson and it was mixed by Shahzad Ismaily.

““​​I call all my songs orchids,” JFDR says. “I am obsessed with the flower. It’s a very cunning flower, its beauty has led it to become the most popular plant or flower in the world. It symbolizes (among other things) fertility, and I was thinking a lot about rebirth and a new beginning. Fertility, creativity, beauty and mystery are all embodied by the orchid.”

You can watch the video for “The Orchid” below.

We caught JFDR at Iceland Airwaves 2019 — she was terrific — and she will return to the festival in November.

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