I’m 24, I Make $78,000 & Receive A $18,000 Yearly Allowance

Occupation: PhD Student, Social Media Content Creator
Industry: Engineering
Age: 24
Location: Boston, MA
Salary: $96,000 ($48,000 stipend + roughly $30,000 side gigs (as of May 2021) + $18,000 financial support from parents)
Net Worth: $143,000 (Assets: $5,000 cash between personal and business checking/savings (I have a pass-through LLC), $35,000 in a brokerage account (stocks and mutual funds), $100,000 in a different brokerage account (mutual funds), $7,000 in an IRA. Total Debts/Liabilities: $1,600 remaining on an Affirm 0% interest loan, ~$2,000 in credit card debt.)
Debt: $3,600 between Affirm Loan and credit card debt (see above)
Paycheck Amount (PhD is 2x/month, social media and parents are 1x/month): $2,000 (PhD) + ~$1,200 (side gigs) + $1,500 (parents, not an actual paycheck)
Pronouns: She/her

Monthly Expenses
Rent: $3,085 (one bed + den in a controlled-access building in an expensive part of Cambridge, no roommates)
Affirm: $466 (0% interest six month loan for furniture)
Utilities: $50
Internet: $60
Phone: $110 (monthly plan + financing for an iPhone 11 Pro Max)
CrossFit Gym: $259 (I’m fully vaccinated and started going back this month)
Nutrition Coaching: $125
Donations: ~$100 (Fair Fight, Planned Parenthood, Girls Who Code, Specific URM Programs at my undergrad institution)
Peloton App: $0 (my credit card reimburses me for it)
Daily Harvest: $200
Subscriptions: $100 (Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Prime, HBO Max which I split with a friend, NYT, Boston Globe, NY Mag)
IRA: $200
Mutual Fund Investment: $100
HYSA: $200
Rainy Day Fund: $100
Taxes: $400 (I have a fellowship, so no withholding)

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