I’m 28, I Make $87,000 & I Design Bridges For A Living

Occupation: Bridge Engineer
Industry: Transportation
Age: 28
Location: Raleigh, NC
Salary: $87,000
My Husband’s Salary: $84,000 (But we keep our expenses completely separate.)
Net Worth: $310,400: $180,000 in home equity, $127,000 in 401(k), $7000 (savings), $3,000 in stocks minus debt. My husband and I keep our bank accounts separate. Our home expenses are shared 50/50. Everything else is separate.
Debt: $6,600 left on my car, $313,000 left on my mortgage (to be split with my husband)
Paycheck Amount (biweekly): $1,770 (post-deductions/tax)
Pronouns: She/her

Monthly Expenses
Mortgage: $2,800 (includes escrow), $1,400 for my half. Refinanced to 15-year mortgage during the pandemic.
Car Payment: $415
Water: $68
Gas: $18-$200
Car Insurance: $110
Cell Phone: $160
401(k): $736 biweekly, approx. 22%
Pandora: $5
Investments: $100
Electricity: ~$100 (husband pays)
Google Fiber: $70 (husband pays)
Climbing Gym: $125 (husband pays)
HBO Max: $15 (husband pays)
Netflix: my sister pays for the family

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