I’m 37, I Have A Joint Income Of $190,000 & My Net Worth Is Over $1 Million

9 a.m. — I actually have enough time to go to my favorite coffee shop/breakfast place, yay! I get a large hot coffee, half-French vanilla, half-cinnamon sticky bun flavor (New England coffee is the best coffee — I will fight anyone on this, they have the best flavors and no syrup) and an egg white, green pepper, and cheese sandwich on an English muffin. I lived right down the street from this place when I first moved to the city with my friends after college and we became regulars. It is a family-run place where you walk in and they just know your order even if you haven’t been there in a month or two. $9.76

2:30 p.m. — I leave the store to head to our warehouse for a quick visit before heading home. Again, I realize I have not eaten lunch (this is the problem with eating two breakfasts every day) so I buy a bag of pretzels to snack on. I am at the warehouse for an hour or so and leave to head home by 3:45. Miraculously, I hit no traffic and am home by 4:20. I fold laundry and talk to my boss on the phone when I get home. $3.69

6 p.m. — Leftover chicken parm for dinner, which D. has now decided is “yucky” (he loved it last night, toddlers are fun). We microwave chicken nuggets for him and he is in his glory. Right after dinner, we realize we’re out of diapers. S. goes to Market Basket to grab a pack while I stay home and watch Vivo for the 500th time. $19.99

9 p.m. — S. gets an email invite for his stepfather’s family’s holiday party. Despite the fact that his mother didn’t remarry until S. was in college, we have become really close to her husband and his family. It helps that once of his sons is exactly our age, his wife and I are a ton alike, and they have a daughter only three months older than D. The holiday party every year is a blast and includes a lot of booze, live music, and tons of food. This year they finally started to charge a fee to RSVP which they really should have been doing for years. This year it will be at our brother and sister in-law’s house which is amazing for us because it means we have somewhere to crash! $50

9:30 p.m. — I place an order for pick-up at Target tomorrow. We are apparently also almost out of baby wipes and D.’s snack selection is dwindling down (he is either going through a growth spurt or just being a toddler jerk because he says “I’m hungry” like 100 times a day). S. is watching the Celtics game so I go to the bedroom and try, for the fourth time, to get into Maid on Netflix. Everyone swears I will love this, but I just end up super emotional and cry and turn it off every time. I end up putting on The Office (for the 900th time) and fall asleep. $23.37

Daily Total: $106.81

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