I’m Obsessed With These Low-Rent CSGO No-Scope ‘Hacks’

People try all sorts of things to get an advantage in CSGO, PUBG, Fortnite, or any competitive game. But recently, I’ve been stuck watching one player’s gloriously low-rent efforts to improve their sniping.

This post originally appeared on Kotaku Australia.

It’s reminiscent of an old trick I remember being introduced to back in 2003. I was attending my first national competition for Counter-Strike, and one of the players — a Day of Defeat veteran — had a piece of blu-tak on his monitor. I asked why the hell they’d spoil their CRT screen like that, and the answer was simple: it gave them a crosshair for sniping.

Today, many monitor manufacturers have crosshairs implemented into their settings. But it’s not a universal feature, especially if you’re playing on a gaming laptop. So over on Tiktok, the @csgogoezhack channel has been posting various solutions to help their no-scoping problem.

I’m especially fond of their EA-sponsored “hack”:

There’s another version — and for Christ’s sake don’t do this with your own monitor — with a used lemon and a piece of clear adhesive tape:

Other astonishingly shitty solutions for the noscoping problem include a bent Q-tip, the end of a cucumber, a golf ball, duct tape, and my absolute favourite, a flossing stick.

Now there’s an caveat with all of this: the user is playing on matchmaked deathmatch servers, as seen from the UI at the top of the screen. There’s no footage of them doing it in a regular matchmaking game, let alone organised competition or even a “normal” third-party deathmatch server. (Australian deathmatch servers usually restrict sniper usage to those who have paid for access, although that’s a whole other deal.)

Still, it’s fun to see someone come up with creative, low-cost solutions to problems. And it’s nice to see a piece of hardware be as durable as the ASUS laptop, which has clearly survived several versions of markers and tape direct to the screen.

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