I’m Slugging With Jellyfish Cream

I can attest to the fact that using this treatment leaves my face curiously childlike, making my adult skin feel supple and almost doughy. Caroline Sands, U Beauty’s VP of Product Development tells me that the effect can be explained by the combination of bioactive ingredients. There’s urea, which is both a humectant and an emollient, vitamin B6, which promotes healthy oil production, hyaluronic acid, and sodium DNA. The other key component is an “immortal siren capsule,” which is a proprietary delivery system that targets active ingredients to already-damaged areas of the skin and contains bioactive marine ingredients engineered to act on the skin’s stem cells and essential growth factors to boost the proliferation of new cells. You’re suppose to use it overnight, as the final step in your skin care, with Craig’s promise of “thicker and softer skin” by morning.

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