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Is Lil Nas X a gay icon? His “Industry Baby” music video proves it – Film Daily

Lil Nas X has proven once again that he is the gay icon. Lil Nas X’s latest music video for his song “Industry Baby” dropped today and the internet is going crazy over it. 

The new Lil Nas X song, produced by Kayne West and guest starring rapper Jack Harlow, proves that Lil Nas X is truly a gay icon as he takes over a prison with his amazing dance moves and hot lyrics, ending it with a twist right out of The Shawshank Redemption.  

Of course, Twitter is more than happy to see more of Lil Nas X flaunting his authentic self, proving he is the gay icon of the century. We busted through the threads to find the best reactions to Lil Nas X’s newest music video. Hit the showers as we dive into the reactions to “Industry Baby”. 

Singing along

The shirt tuck is required, we don’t make the rules

Helping hand 

We stan a charitable star. 

Theory time 

And here comes the red string . . . . 

Eddie Murphy 

An interesting comparison, but we see it. 


YAAAAASSSSS! *Snaps fingers*. 

Are you ready kids?! 

Again, odd comparison, but it works. 

Stepping out 

The man does know how to strut! 

Loving it 

Aka everyone’s reaction in a nutshell. 

Moving on 


Happy day 

We love to see such positivity! 

What did you think of Lil Nas X’s (who is, again, the gay icon) newest music video? Drop them below in the comments before lights out! 

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