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Is this TikTok trend safe? How to use the unusual photo animation filter – Film Daily

This new addition to the list of . . . interesting TikTok trends is definitely one for the books. The new uses of the photo animation filter from TikTok is the latest set of trends to take the platform by storm. 

The filter allows still photos to come to life, making it seem as if the eyes and mouths of the photos are moving. Many have recently taken this filter to create new TikTok trends, from animating photos of those who have passed to animating fandom posters & figures. 

Naturally, Twitter has become the hub of this new set of TikTok trends where many voice their excitement and disturbance at the new filter. We filmed our way through the threads to find the best reaction to this new TikTok filter. Don’t blink as we dive into this newest set of TikTok trends. 


I’m wheezing so hard #fyp #foryoupage #boburnham #art

♬ original sound – ℂ𝕙/🥀

How does it work? 

The TikTok photo animation filter is fairly easy to use. First, you search “Photo Animation” to add the effect. Then, after adding it to your favorites folder, you upload a still photo from your phone. After that, just head to “Effects” and then select the Photo Animation filter in your favourite folder. Lastly, upload the photo and be amazed! 

Of course, many TikTok users have become disturbed and concerned about the filter, as many have used it to animate photos of those long since passed. Others remember the Tom Cruise deep-fake that circulated TikTok earlier this year and are concerned that this may be the start of the rise in deepfake tech. 

Of course, TikTok has responded to these concerns, stating how the filter doesn’t animate speech and that the platform was “adding a policy which prohibits synthetic or manipulated content that misleads users by distorting the truth of events in a way that could cause harm,” according to Daily Dot. 

Twitter is stunned 

Naturally, many Twitter users have uploaded their additions to this new set of TikTok trends involving the filter and the platform is having a lot of fun with it, animating posters, photos, figures and more. Reactions to this filter include: 

Not gonna lie, that’s a bit disturbing. 

At least it’s not like Sirius Black’s photo in the Prophet . . . . 

Honestly, you could make a pretty cool animated series using that . . . . 

Asami’s sultry gaze is just *chef’s kiss*. 

 Oh no, Anabelle has a friend . . . . 

We have a feeling K-Pop fans are gonna have too much fun with this. 

Case in point from the last comment. 

Yeah that’s a no for us, too. 

That’s pretty trippy, man . . . . 

That’s actually kinda cute! 

What are your thoughts on this new addition to the list of TikTok trends? Drop them below in the comments! 

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