Jack Terricloth (World/Inferno) tribute LP & shows announced – stream Jeff Rosenstock’s track

World/Inferno Friendship Society leader Jack Terricloth sadly and unexpectedly passed away last year at age 50, and now many musicians have come together for a 39-song tribute album and a series of memorial shows/events happening on and around Halloween. The tribute LP, titled Endless Possibility: A Tribute to Jack Terricloth, features Jeff Rosenstock, Worriers, Ted Leo, The Bouncing Souls, Catbite, The Slackers, The Unlovables, Hatrabbits, Nervous Triggers, Long Neck, Choked Up, Emilyn Brodsky, My Favorite, and more, as well as some tracks by Jack and World/Inferno themselves.

The Bouncing Souls contribute their cover of Jack’s ’80s/’90s-era punk band Sticks and Stones’ “Less Than Free” that they previously released on a 2002 split with Anti-Flag, and Jeff Rosenstock has just released his cover of World/Inferno’s “Secret Service Freedom Fighting USA.” He gives it a ska-infused twist and makes it sound like one of his own. Speaking about Jack, Jeff said, “One of the best ever to do it. Watching him in World/Inferno made me want to be in a band again. Kind, smart and funny. An unstoppable performer.” Check out his cover below.

As for the memorial shows and events, they all go down in NYC on Halloween weekend, and here’s the schedule:

Friday the 28th
6pm: Tail Light Rebellion w/ special guests @ Project Parlor. 6pm. (special guests are two former Inferno members).

8pm: Res Novae & Out of System Transfer @ Bar Freda. 8pm. First show for a band with 4 former inferno members.

Saturday the 29th
4pm: Community gathering. Details will be posted on the World/Inferno website in October.

Sunday the 30st
1pm: Hallowless. Second annual gathering of fans covering Inferno songs in Tompkins Square Park. Free show.

5pm: Jack Terricloth Foundation: A Mischief Night Sinfonietta. World/Inferno songs performed by The East Coast Smashism Chamber Orchestra @ the NY Society for Ethical Culture. The main event!

Monday the 31st – HALLOWEEN
5pm: Jack Terricloth Foundation: Early Evening Halloween Mass @ St. Anne’s Church

1. Worriers – Grasping At Straws
2. Worthless United – Saved
3. Jack Terricloth – [On the Radio]
4. Bouncing Souls – Less Than Free
5. Jack Terricloth – [On the Moment]
6. Ted Leo – Blindness
7. Damage Done – Our Time
8. Jack Terricloth – [On things he would never do]
9. Hatrabbits – Nothing’s Paid For
10. Nervous Triggers – The Lot
11. Jack Terricloth – [On Death (Part I)]
12. EHP – Tattoos Fade
13. Catbite – A Night in the Woods
14. Jack Terricloth – [On the Price of Alcohol in New York]
15. Emilyn Brodsky – All the World is a Stage (Dive)
16. The Robocop Kraus – One for the Witches
17. Jack Terricloth – [On the Invisible World]
18. Long Neck – Tarot Americaine
19. Jack Terricloth – [On Halloween]
20. Dr. Nowt – Let’s Steal Everything
21. Choked Up – Just the Best Party
22. Jack Terricloth – [On Touring]
23. Early Riser – Cats are Not Lucky Creatures
24. Jack Terricloth – [On Rabble Rousing]
25. Jeff Rosenstock – Secret Service Freedom Fighting USA
26. Jack Terricloth – [On Ill-Fortune]
27. Will Wood – The Velocity of Love
28. The Slackers – Zen and the Art of Breaking Everything in This Room
29. Jack Terricloth – [On a Life Well-Lived]
30. The Unlovables – The Politics of Passing Out
31. Jack Terricloth – [On Prerequisites]
32. Demander – Thumb Cinema
33. The Ratchets – Citizen of Jazz
34. Jack Terricloth – [On Anarchists]
35. Vic Thrill – Only Anarchists Are Pretty
36. Tail Light Rebellion – American Mercurial
37. Jack Terricloth – [On Death (Part II)]
38. My Favorite – Heart Attack ’64
39. The World/Inferno Friendship Society – [On Their Graves]

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