Jane Birkin, RIP

Singer and actress Jane Birkin has died. According to  Le Parisien, she was found dead at her home in Paris on Sunday. She was 76. No cause of death has been given, but Birkin had canceled concerts early this year after breaking her shoulder, and suffered a stroke in 2021.

Birkin is most famous for her 11-year relationship with Serge Gainsbourg, which was both creative and romantic (and tumultuous), and included music and films. Birkin & Gainsbourg’s 1969 album included their iconic single “Je t’aime… moi non plus” which was a worldwide hit while also banned on the radio in many countries for its explicit sexual nature. Their relationship also produced a daughter, Charlotte Gainsbourg, who went on to be an acclaimed musician and actress in her own right.

Before Gainsbourg, Birkin was married to film composer John Barry of James Bond series fame (their daughter, Kate Barry, was an acclaimed fashion photographer), and gained worldwide attention after appearing in Michelangelo Antonioni’s 1966 film, i. After her relationship with Gainsbourg ended in 1980, Birkin began a relationship with filmmaker Jacques Doillon, starring in two of his films, and having a daughter together, Lou Doillon who is also a musician, actress and mode.

Birkin continued to make music and act, most recently 2020 Oh! Pardon tu dormais…

Rest in peace, Jane.

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