Joe Mantegna, Aisha Tyler, Kirsten Vangsness, and Zach Gilford Tease Criminal Minds: Evolution

We are now only days away from Criminal Minds: Evolution, which reunites us with beloved characters tracking the most significant unsub they’ve ever experienced.

Joe Mantegna, Aisha Tyler, Kirsten Vangsness, and Zach Gilford were all available to set the stage for the revival, and we’ve got their full interviews below.

Criminal Minds: Evolution drops on Thanksgiving day with two brand-new episodes!

When we see David Rossi again, it’s bittersweet. Joe talks about the state of the beloved character and what’s important to know about who he is now.

Criminal Minds: Evolution reveals that things haven’t gotten any easier on the BAU since the Criminal Minds series finale, and Joe talks about how a network of serial killers working in tangent will work to the BAU’s benefit.

We would have been remiss not to ask how much life he thinks is left for the BAU in the Criminal Minds universe.

Find out what else Joe Mantegna had to say about stepping into David Rossi’s shoes again.

When we catch up with Tara Lewis, she feels like a stronger, more confident agent. We asked Aisha Tyler what to make of Tara when the series premieres.

There is a network of killers on the loose and bureau higher-ups still gunning for the BAU. We asked Aisha how much is riding on catching the killer even as the team is divided and resources are few.

Aisha also weighed in on Elias Voit and his band of vile men.

And finally, she shared what it was like being back on set with the cast in a new story.

Kirsten Vangsness seemed a little taken aback when I mentioned Penelope Garcia is a cultural icon, but she weighed in on what it was like for to reinvent and fall in love with her character all over again.

Garcia had a clear path away from the BAU when the series ended, and Kirsten talks about what it takes for her to get the call that her teammates need her more than ever.

Kirsten also weighed on where Elias Voit falls on the scale of the vilest criminals the BAU has ever encountered.

Zach Gilford is new to this universe, but he’s not new to the show. He talks about his familiarity with Criminal Minds.

He also talks about why he decided to take on the role of Elias, who is anything but a good guy. His answer might surprise you.

Zach gives us a rundown of Elias Voit from his estimation and how he walks away from the job after playing such a heinous guy.

Finally, he talks about which member of the BAU he’d love to take him down!

Are you ready to step into the darkness once again?

As always, we’ll have full reviews of every new episode as they air.

Criminal Minds: Evolution drops on Thursday, November 24, only on Paramount+!

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