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John Oliver wants George Santos in the “Real Housewives” universe after Congress expulsion

New York congressman George Santos may have been expelled from Congress Friday, but he could be welcomed where imaginative takes on reality are the norm, according to John Oliver. 

On the latest episode of HBO’s “Last Week Tonight,” Oliver celebrated that “they finally kicked George Santos out” from Congress, adding, “Apparently it takes three times to get rid of him — a sort of reverse ‘Beetlejuice’ situation, if you will.” He continued, saying Santos’ dismissal was due to the “scathing” ethics committee report that found him guilty of fabrication and misuse of campaign funds.

“The truth is, this man never belonged in Congress; he belongs on Bravo,” Oliver said, naming the NBC Universal cable network known for it reality shows like “Real Housewives” and “Vanderpump Rules.” He then listed several controversies that Santos was embroiled in during his term, like the time he claimed “his young niece had been kidnapped from a playground in Queens” or that his mom died on 9/11, even though records showed his mother not being in NYC at the time.

“Santos clearly didn’t deliver for his constituents but he delivered hard for the rest of us,” Oliver quipped. “And I don’t want him to be in my government and I don’t want to sit next to him on an airplane, but I definitely want him in Andy Cohen‘s menagerie of damaged human beings.

“Call this man now, Cohen and pay him what he is worth,” Oliver begged.

Only time will tell if Santos will receive a “Real Housewives”-style invite in the near future. However, only the HBO film is confirmed. Santos also agreed to an interview with comedian Ziwe, in a Sunday post on X.

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