Juneteenth Gaining National Recognition, Could Soon Become National Holiday

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – The Juneteenth celebration has been gaining public notice for some time.

Blacks across the nation regard June 19th, 1865, as the day Texas slaves were notified they were free, two and a half years after the signing of the emancipation proclamation.

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Over the years, momentum has grown to make June 19th a public holiday, and legislation now rolling through Congress.

So, a national holiday is in the making which goes down well with millennial internet entrepreneurs Jael Roumain and Brandon Roumain, who operate a Miami-based online clothing retail website.

“It gives a lot of recognition to the day because it gave colored people from this country equal rights, so we could have a chance to compete and we appreciate that we like to show recognition for that day,” said Brandon.

Black Americans have over the years celebrated the day at public gatherings, family get-togethers, but now, it’s mainstream.

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“Me personally, I did not grow up celebrating it. As you get older, you become wise. You get education through social media,” adds Jael.

The reexamination of Black history was spurred on by recent unrest in the streets. As a result, Juneteenth is better known.

“Growing up, it was not something I learned in school. I went to public school. It was not something we were made aware of,” said Dr. Tracey Timberlake.

But now, Timberlake is aware after the push in the streets, news reports, and Congressional action.

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“But once I learned about it and it became a celebration part of the year, it was yes, like I am latching on this because it is something we need to remember. Not only as a country but as people of color for sure,” added Timberlake

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