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K-pop icon Taehyun goes solo: Listen to his gorgeous cover of “Let Me” – Film Daily

Fans of Tomorrow X Together are getting some sweet, sweet content today! One of the band’s biggest members Taehyun released a cover of the popular song “Let Me” by former One Direction member Zayn Malak yesterday. 

The video was posted to YouTube where Taehyun announced the name of his new studio, Music Island. This isn’t the first time Taehyun has covered a popular song, as he did a cover of Nathan Sykes song “Over and Over” back in 2016. 

Naturally, Twitter exploded over Taehyun’s announcement as well as the new cover. We put the threads on shuffle and found the best reactions to Taehyun’s cover of “Let Me”. Grab your headphones and dive into these reactions to Taehyun’s new cover. 


He’s certainly gone up in the world since then! 

The best thing 

Sounds like you’re having a very good day!

Make good art 

How are you so talented?! 

Fan of the work 

It’s always nice to hear that artists are fans of other artists! 


Woah, easy, not on the carpet! 

The mood 

Honestly? Same. 

Here’s the hand 

Let’s take a step back here . . . . 


Yeah, that’s about right. 

Couldn’t help it 

Again, how are you all so talented?! 

Just can’t 

Um, you ok there, dude . . . . ?

What was your reaction to Taehyun’s new cover? Drop them below in the comments to keep this beat going! 

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