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Kanye West is living like a monk: What does Twitter have to say? – Film Daily

Kayne West has locked himself inside Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium and Twitter users are . . . . not surprised. Kayne West announced his intention to stay in the stadium, where he had a bedroom set up, until he finishes his new album Donda, which was meant to drop last week. 

Twitter fans are unsure how to take this news from Kayne West. Some are excited to hear that the album will be released soon while others are slightly concerned about his methods to get the album done. Either way, Kayne West fans and skeptics are once again abuzz on Twitter. 

Naturally, these tweets are full of both excitement and . . . . ambivalence over Kayne West’s announcement. We bopped through the threads to find the best reactions to Kayne West on Twitter. Turn the volume up and dive into these reactions to Kayne West on Twitter. 


He’s on it . . . . for better or for worse, he’s on it. . . . 

Come on 

*Gives it another poke*. 

Don’t lose yourself

Yeah, at this point, that’s a valid concern. 

No showers 

Welp, time to grab the nose plugs. 

Dropping now

*Checks watch* Any day now, Kayne . . . . 


Stuff like this definitely makes the wait more bearable! 


Honestly? We’d take that bet. 

Very deep 

*Snaps along* 

Funnily enough 

Trust us, better that than nothing at all. 

Don’t lie 

Weirdly enough, we have a feeling he’s serious . . . . 

Have any other fun Twitter reactions to Kayne West’s latest announcement? Drop them below in the comments before the album finally drops!

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