Kung Fu Season 1 Episode 10 Review: Choice

Things thankfully start to pick up on Kung Fu Season 1 Episode 10, but it still managed, only slightly, to make an impression.

Evan received help from Nicky and Althea on a complex case, while Ryan introduced his boyfriend, Joe, to his parents.

Zhilan’s side of the episode happened to be the best, with her and Kerwin facing some trouble.

Nine episodes had passed since Ryan talked about when he came out to his parents on Kung Fu Season 1 Episode 1. I thought that they might have forgotten about the struggle with coming out to parents altogether.

Thankfully I got proved wrong with Choice.

Ryan did something that sometimes proves to be more complicated than coming out — he introduced his boyfriend to his parents.

Seeing as Ryan revealed that his parents did not take his coming out well, his nerves proved to be a big obstacle.

Ryan talking to his Mother - Kung Fu Season 1 Episode 10

His parents ended up being pleasant and happy for him — something unexpected and exciting to see, even if it may be a bit unrealistic.

I’m pleased that they portrayed him as happy, but I am disappointed that they didn’t take a more realistic approach.

In the premiere, he stated that his parents did not take his coming out well. Having them pleased that he suddenly has a boyfriend seemed a bit of a complete 180 to me.

While it truly is lovely to see a happy moment in an LGBTQ+ growth story, it just seemed a bit forced.

Ryan introduing Joe to his parents - Kung Fu Season 1 Episode 10

Joe got along with Mei-Li and Jin very well. However, the meetup was not without issues, and the drama happened after they spent time together.

Joe revealed he got recruited to go to Chicago. The reaction from Ryan seemed so honest, and seeing him go from happy to heartbreak almost immediately was devastating.

Ryan knew that Joe would have to go to Chicago, but the sadness and angst still found a way through.

They ended the conversation on a low note, and I hope we see more of Ryan’s emotions in the remainder of the season.

Meanwhile, Nicky and Evan teamed up to try and prove a college kid’s innocence.

Mei-Li and Ryan Conversing - Kung Fu Season 1 Episode 10

With this team-up, the show reverted to the case of the week format. Luckily, that format works well with the show, and the writers don’t overuse it.

Throughout the case, Nicky, Evan, and Althea managed to uncover emotions and information about themselves that they did not know in the past.

Nicky officially told Evan she wants to date Henry; Evan started questioning if he wants to continue being a police officer. Althea decided to call the lawyer in the morning about breaking the NDA.

Althea’s decision stemmed from a beautiful speech she gave to the only witness to the crime they were trying to find the truth to.

It was a moment of complete emotion that showed her at her most vulnerable and most assertive.

Joe, Ryan's Boyfriend - Kung Fu Season 1 Episode 10

The case hit some low spots, like when Nicky went undercover at the college party.

The fight scene with the frat boys ended up missing the mark and, like in Isolation, seemed quite forced and played out poorly.

Luckily, the most intriguing storyline came from two characters who keep getting more interesting: Zhilan and Kerwin.

Kerwin’s dad decided to send men to raid Zhilan’s place, leaving Kerwin and her in a difficult situation.

Kerwin’s allegiances got tested, and he ended up sticking with Zhilan in a shocking scene where he stabbed his father’s man to death.

Kerwin Brooding

Kerwin and Zhilan’s chemistry rivals that of any powerhouse romance movie. Their intimacy and relationship strengthen each airing, and the performances blow some of the other actors out of the water.

Zhilan did not take Kerwin’s choice completely wide with her light, and she seemed pretty pleased (she is NOT someone you want to get on the wrong side).

Kerwin received (more) emotional trauma because stabbing the man happened to be his first time killing someone.

Zhilan and Kerwin’s dynamic also proved to be supportive, as Zhilan helped comfort him as he processed what he’d done.

Their storyline keeps getting more interesting, and with the season running out of episodes, I’m excited to see where we leave off the couple (Kerlan? I need to think of a ship name Zhiwin?).

Zhilan and Kerwin Getting Intimate - Kung Fu Season 1 Episode 10

In the coming episodes, relationships will experience different emotional trials.

Althea decided to break her NDA and get a lawyer, so emotions between her and Dennis will be high (and let’s not forget about their wedding).

Jin and Mei-Li’s relationship slowly but surely repairs itself in each episode, but it’ll be interesting to see where they end up.

Nicky and Henry finally made each other somewhat official, and treading new waters of a relationship proves never to be easy (not to mention how Nicky and Evan will be around each other).

Kerwin concerned - Kung Fu Season 1 Episode 10

Lastly, Joe and Ryan’s relationship may come to a pause, a stumble, an emotional standoff, I could go on! They are going to navigate some difficult emotions.

The central conflict and plot mainly got addressed through Zhiwin (Kerlan), but Nicky did find a new clue.

Henry left a tape playing as they kissed, and they got to hear her Aunt sing a lovely song in Chinese.

The lyrics of the song? Clues to a location that will guide them on their quest.

Jin meeting Joe - Kung Fu Season 1 Episode 10

So Kung Fu fanatics, what did you think of Choice?

Do you like the path that Nicky’s taking?

How do you feel about Zhilan and Kerwin, and what do you think their ship name should be?

Let us know in the comments below, and as always, remember to watch Kung Fu online!

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