LCD Soundsystem headlined This Ain’t No Picnic Day 1 (pics, setlist, video)

This past weekend was the inaugural This Ain’t No Picnic festival and Day 1 (Saturday, August 27) was headlined by LCD Soundsystem. While the band have a new song coming via the upcoming White Noise soundtrack, James Murphy and co stuck to the “shut up and play the hits” ethos, delivering a set of mid-’00s classics. (“Tonite” was the only song off 2017’s American Dream they played.) LCD did throw in a few nods to their influences, working in Kraftwerk’s “Radioactivity” on “I Can Change,” Daft Punk’s “Robot Rock” and Yaz’s “Don’t Go” on “Losing My Edge,” and a bit of Kermit the Frog classic “It’s Not Easy Bein’ Green” for “New York, I Love You but You’re Bringing Me Down.” Their set ended, of course, with “All My Friends.”

Check out photos by Wei Shi, along with video and their setlist, below.

LCD’s set came right after Le Tigre (their first show in 11 years) on the Fairway Stage and James Murphy told the crowd he hoped they watched them and that he used to do sound for them back in the day.

With that, LCD Soundsystem’s 2022 schedule is clear, but they did say they were planning more NYC shows at Brooklyn Steel.

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SETLIST: LCD Soundsystem @ This Ain’t No Picnic 8/27/2022
Yr City’s a Sucker
I Can Change
You Wanted a Hit
Someone Great
Losing My Edge
New York, I Love You but You’re Bringing Me Down
Dance Yrself Clean
All My Friends

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