Limp Bizkit covered RATM with Scowl guitarist at MSG (video + pics from the show)

Limp Bizkit are currently on their Still Sucks Tour supporting their 2021 comeback album of the same name, and the tour includes some genuinely amazing openers, including up-and-coming hardcore bands Scowl and Dying Wish. The tour hit NYC’s Madison Square Garden on Friday (5/13), and that one had Scowl, alongside rapper $NOT and electro-rock duo Wargasm UK, and Scowl guitarist Malachi Greene also joined Limp Bizkit on stage for a cover of Rage Against the Machine’s “Killing In The Name.”

Here’s part of NEPA Scene’s review of the Wilkes-Barre show:

What does the ’90s most divisive band do when they’ve passed middle age? Well, they embrace their “Dad Vibes” and keep on rollin’, baby.

On Saturday, May 7, following performances by $NOT, Wargasm UK, and Scowl, vocalist Fred Durst meandered onto the stage of the Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza in Wilkes-Barre Township in denim mechanic overalls with chin-length gray hair (an obviously funny wig) swaying under a backwards baseball cap. Taking a seat in his old man recliner, he took a call on his cordless landline. Then he noticed the audience. Time for the show.

Guitarist Wes Borland – in a white-on-white suit and black half mask covering the top of his face and signature black contacts, looking like Moon Knight’s evil doppelganger – began the nu metal band’s surprise comeback hit “Dad Vibes” as the rest of the group appeared under a towering inflatable housewife, complete with vacuum and cigarette, from the cover of their 2021 album “Still Sucks” that this tour is named after.

The band that everyone loves to hate can really play! Borland has long been known as one of the best rock guitar players of his generation, and Sam Rivers and John Otto are a powerhouse rhythm section – even casual fans were surprised and impressed.

Watch video of the RATM cover (and a few other LB songs) and check out more pics from MSG by Mathieu Bredeau below…

Also watch Scowl vocalist Kat Moss talk about Limp Bizkit on Revolver‘s Fan First Podcast (at the 15 second mark), Post Malone wearing a Scowl shirt (at the 22:41 mark), and more:

Limp Bizkit @ MSG – 5/13/22 Setlist (via)
Dad Vibes
Out of Style
Dirty Rotten Bizkit
Rollin’ (Air Raid Vehicle)
Hot Dog (with fan on stage since the bridge)
My Way
My Generation
Livin’ It Up (Succeded by a skit by guest John Carnage)
Re-Arranged (Until bridge)
Killing in the Name (Rage Against the Machine cover) (with Malachi from Scowl)
Full Nelson (with Milkie Way)
Take a Look Around (with Sam Matlock) (Aborted at the beginning of the bridge)
Break Stuff

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