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Lin Manuel-Miranda’s ‘Encanto’: Is Twitter enchanted by this trailer? – Film Daily

Lin Minuel-Miranda has done it again with incredible beats and a touching story. The teaser for Lin Minuel-Miranda’s new project Encanto released today and Twitter is, well, enchanted

The story surrounds a magical family who live in Casa Madrigal in Colombia. Each member has a specific gift . . .  except Mirabel. Despite this, she seems determined to prove that you can make your own kind of magic with the help of determination and, of course, family. 

Naturally, Twitter is buzzing with excitement for Lin Minuel-Miranda’s new project and showcased their joy at his latest story. We danced our way through the threads to find the best Twitter reactions to Lin Minuel-Miranda’s Encanto. Get ready to groove and dive into these Twitter reactions to Lin Minuel-Miranda’s new project. 

 So cute! 

She really is adorable with her glasses and can-do attitude

Buff Woman 

We do and we love her. 


Yes, she’s also amazing! They’re all amazing! 

The first arepa 

Bask in its glory! 


Donkey from Shrek is gonna be jealous . . . . 

Simple person 

Honestly, same. 


He’s adorable and we love him. 

Latin hat 

It’s a great hat! We’re gonna love this hat! 

Way to sell it 

And the girl at the end was just the cherry on top

So excited! 

So are we! This is gonna be great! 

Have any other fun Twitter reactions to Lin Minuel-Miranda’s Encanto? Drop them below in the comments to keep these enchanting threads going! 

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