Loki Charms Are Already Being Sold for a High Price on eBay

The limited-edition Loki Charms were only available on the website MischieviouslyDelicious.com, starting at 11 a.m. EST on Loki’s premiere date. Those who were particularly eager to get their hands on the cereal had the option to attempt to crack the code left on the website starting June 5.

There were only 3,500 boxes of these Loki-themed cereals available for $8 a box. Loki Charms, unfortunately, are also not being sold in stores at this time.

Unfortunately, according to potential buyers on the internet, all of them sold out within the first few minutes. Those who logged on right at 11 a.m. EST still had trouble securing a box for themselves, and many have shared their grief on Twitter.

“ARE YOU KIDDING ME I SAT HERE FOR 30 MINUTES FOR THESE LOKI CHARMS AND THEY SOLD OUT DURING THE PRESALE,” one Twitter user tweeted, while another wrote, “The Loki Charms pre-sale legit sold out in less than one minute.”

According to the official website, anyone who experienced issues with the presale access (and correctly guessed the password) should expect to receive more information from General Mills regarding their own purchase. If you did not have luck purchasing the product, it looks like you have limited options to get your hands on one going forward.

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