Luka’s “magic” earns him a holiday in Dallas

Dallas Mavericks star Luka Doncic now has his own official day in Dallas County (Texas) — July 6th. This decision was made by the Dallas County Commissioners Court to recognize Doncic, 22, and passed by Judge Clay Jenkins. From this point on, the region will now honor the Mavericks forward for his contributions on-and-off the court.

Doncic and other Mavericks players donated $500,000 for healthcare workers that were on the front lines of combatting the COVID-19 pandemic to support childcare. Along with his donations, Doncic and team owner, Mark Cuban, donated $1.25 million to help towards recovery from a snow storm in February. According to the Dallas Commissioners Court, they considered Doncic as “an ambassador to the game of basketball.”

Doncic, is the youngest player in league history to be named All-NBA First Team twice, doing so in the past two seasons. This year he finished second in total NBA jersey sales, behind only LeBron James. Doncic is already the Mavericks’ all-time leader in triple-doubles, and in the playoffs, he averaged 33.5 points, 8.8 rebounds and 9.5 assists in 13 games.

More recently, Doncic has led his native country, Slovenia, to its first Olympic berth. Slovenia will play Argentina on July 26, Japan on July 29 and reigning World Cup champion Spain on Aug. 1

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