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Marjorie Taylor Greene says she’s never been a Republican team player

In a recent interview centering on her relationship with former Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) and the one she’s building with current Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.), Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) describes herself as never having been a team player, opting to make her views known regardless of who they could potentially upset.

Speaking to The Hill, Greene touches upon her pre-Congress days, saying, “I wasn’t a team player. I wasn’t even involved. I was a regular American, a very successful business owner, a mom who raised my kids, and a Republican voter who felt let down by Republicans in Washington, D.C. So that’s who I am, and I’m still that person.”

As the outlet highlights, “Greene arrived on Capitol Hill in 2021 as a conservative firebrand who quickly emerged as a nuisance for top lawmakers.” When sharing floor space with McCarthy, she often vacillated between critic and ally, and is now putting Johnson under that same level of conditional scrutiny, saying in her interview that she views his early Speakership record as being “terrible.”

“He went from having a voting record to literally a month later … going against his own voting record and being Speaker of the House,” Greene says. “Literally all of a sudden talking about doing things that he had literally voted against only a month before that. And, you know, that was unacceptable to me, and it still is.”

Comparing Johnson’s strategy to the one that eventually did McCarthy in, Greene says, “Mike Johnson comes in and first thing he starts talking about is passing another CR, and I’m like, wait a minute, what? You just voted against it. That was the whole reason why Kevin McCarthy got ousted, was working with Democrats and passing a clean CR. And you know, for me I was like, what a hypocrisy.”

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