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Market Signals – Global Job Market Trends – January 2023 summarized!

We have been recording and comparing unemployment levels vs. the number of job ads published on LinkedIn since March 2020 – to fully understand how major events (pandemic, crisis, war) actually impact the job market.

So far we have:

  • gathered 11952 data points
  • received over 500 insights from Executives & HR Directors
  • published 92 monthly reports, 556 daily updates & 13 special reports
  • tracked 80 countries around the world for 33 months!

In this presentation, you’ll find a summary of how the job markets of the 80 countries we did in January 2023:

Some highlights for January 2023 in terms of published number of job ads on LinkedIn:
– Europe (38 countries): +10.98%
– only 3 out of 38 countries saw a decrease
– 35 saw increases from 0.06% – 37%
710 000+ more job ads across the TOP20 economies worldwide
620 000+ less job ads across the Americas (22 countries)

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The presentation also includes:
– advice for employers
– tips for experienced candidates

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