Maximizing Potential: The Power of One-on-One Meetings in Engineering Management

In this episode, we talk to Lawrence Krubner, a technical co-founder of three startups, consultant, and author, about the importance of one-on-one meetings and why he thinks it is the most basic and important skill of management.

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One-on-One Meetings

One-on-One Meetings

Here Are Some of the Key Points Discussed About Maximizing Potential: 

  • When conducting meetings, it is best to start with open-ended questions that allow people to share their thoughts and ideas. This way, you can uncover important information about what is happening in the business or within the team.
  • It is essential to encourage people to express their concerns and provide more details to get past any vagueness. By asking follow-up questions, you can clarify any misunderstandings and get to the truth of the situation.
  • One-on-one meetings are ideal for honest communication because they provide a safe space for people to share their views without worrying about any third person in the meeting. This way, both parties can share their point of view, leading to a more productive conversation.
  • Large meetings can be counterproductive and lead to a waste of time. It is best to limit the number of people invited to a meeting to ensure that the meeting stays focused and productive.
  • In remote environments, it is common for people to resort to passive-aggressive behavior instead of addressing issues directly. In such cases, it is essential to ask for a one-on-one meeting and express your concerns respectfully.
  • Mentoring programs are an effective way to invest in individuals and help them develop their technical or social skills. When you mentor someone, you can uncover hidden talent and help the organization discover new capabilities. Mentoring programs benefit both the employee and the organization by fostering a sense of investment and development.

More in This Episode…

In the Take Action Today segment of the show, Lawrence talks about why you should ask yourself what your top three objectives for the next month are.

About the Guest, Lawrence Krubner

starchiveLawrence co-founded his first startup in 2002,, which continues to do well to this day. He was CTO until 2008, when he sold his shares and moved on to helping other entrepreneurs.

Lawrence has worked with large media companies such as and, helping them develop large-scale systems that allowed them to move up to the next level.

Lawrence has also worked with many startups. In recent years, he has worked with,, and, all of which brought him into the diverse worlds of e-commerce, cybersecurity, and the short-term rental market.

Working with so many companies has allowed Lawrence to see the strengths and weaknesses of different leadership styles, different product development methods, and different systems of hiring, training, and also firing.

Over and over again, Lawrence saw smart entrepreneurs with brilliant ideas who were failing to gain traction because they unknowingly sabotaged themselves. Often it’s basic leadership skills that they need to get right, including speaking honestly and demonstrating emotional self-control while pushing the team to achieve its maximum potential.

Much of what Lawrence has learned he has recently put into a book, “One-on-One Meetings Are Underrated; Group Meetings Waste Time.”

About the Host, Jeff Perry, MBA

The Engineering Career CoachJeff Perry is a leadership/career coach for engineers, building mindsets, leadership, and career intentions to unlock hidden potential and remove self-imposed roadblocks for career and life. For years, he has had the pleasure of supporting engineers and software pros, from new grads to director level. Having been on the front lines in the technical world, he has been able to map out the necessary skills for becoming a quality leader in the field.

You can connect with Jeff on LinkedIn at or visit his website, Jeff also has a new, FREE, on-demand training course for engineers who are job searching or in job transitions. You can see it at

Resources and Links Mentioned in This Session Include:

Connect with Lawrence Krubner on LinkedIn
One-on-One Meetings Are Underrated; Group Meetings Waste Time

We would love to hear any questions you might have or stories you might share on how you maximize potential in your one-on-one meetings.

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