Meet Jared M. Green, PE, D.GE – Award-Winning Geotechnical Engineer Who Is Making a Difference

The Engineering Management Institute is thrilled to have Jared M. Green, PE, D.GE, Senior Associate and Award-Winning Geotechnical Practice Leader serving as host of our new podcast – The Geotechnical Engineering Podcast.

Jared enjoys mentoring young engineers and first-generation college students. He strives to make complex engineering topics relatable and understandable to people new to the field. You can hear more about Jared and the podcast in this short video. The show will launch in July 2020. In Jared’s own words, this is why he decided to become the host of the show:

“When I was invited to host the show, I was thrilled about the opportunity because I feel that Geotechnical Engineering is such a fascinating field. Podcasts were not as popular when I was starting my career. I wish I had a “go to” place to get rich engineering content when I was learning about my profession.”

Jared’s role as host of EMI’s podcast, The Geotechnical Engineering Podcast, is yet another way for him to give back to the geotechnical engineering community.  The show will serve to bring important industry information, including technical and non-technical news, to practicing geotechnical engineers worldwide.

The Geotechnical Engineering Podcast podcast will publish bi-monthly on Friday mornings and will be available on Apple Podcasts and other popular podcast outlets.

“I hope that this podcast can become a valuable resource to young engineers still learning their craft; as well as more seasoned engineers looking to see what is new in the field.” Jared M. Green, PE, D.GE,  – Senior Associate at Langan

About Jared M. Green, PE, D.GE

Jared, originally from southwest Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, graduated from Syracuse University’s College of Engineering in 2001 with a B.S. in Civil Engineering. He later went on to attain his M.S in Civil Engineering (Geotechnical Focus) from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Campaign in 2002. In 2003, he began working in the New York City office of Langan. He has since become a Senior Associate / Vice President and is one of the owners of this international land development engineering consulting firm. After 15 years at Langan, Jared has moved to the Philadelphia Office and is one of the geotechnical practice leaders in that office.

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Jared is a consultant and team leader that also enjoys mentoring young engineers and first generation college students. He has been instrumental in increasing the number of pre-college students that are interested in STEAM majors and fields. He strives to make complex engineering topics relatable and understandable to people new to the field and to people that are completely unfamiliar with engineering. Jared and his family currently reside in Flemington, New Jersey. He and his wife have three energetic, inquisitive and awesome children. You can connect with Jared here.

Be sure to visit for all episode of the Geotechnical Engineering Podcast.

Jared’s views and opinions broadcasted on The Geotechnical Engineering Podcast are his own and do not reflect the views and opinions of his employer.

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Originally posted 2020-06-17 19:30:22.

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